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What does it cost?, Africa Press List

What does it cost?

Annual subscription

We have priced the press release sent to any journalist by way of credits. We do this in order to avoid “send all” actions and promote the use of differentiated campaign lists. The annual subscription entitles you to 9.000 credits. Additional credits can be bought by subscribers at the lowest price, i.e. € 0.25 or USD 0.35.
Access to all african

9000 credits included

€ 1.950,00

Starters Offer

We also have an offer for starters without having to take the full subscription. You can start using the Africa Press List for only € 350, not limited in time. You get 1.000 credits with this option. One credit stands for one press release sent to one journalist. Accordingly, with these credits you can send one press release to 1.000 journalists, or 2 press releases to 500 journalists or 10 press releases to 100 journalists, etcetera.

Access to all african

1000 credits included

€ 350,00

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