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Why the Africa Press List ?, Africa Press List

Why the Africa Press List ?

The Africa Press List wishes to provide an effective and efficient solution to international organizations and companies that want to reach an (press) audience that is African or has an interest in Africa.

If the following complies with your needs, we recommend you to sign-up.

  • Social media integrated press release campaigns
  • You can personalize the search system in the database with own search terms
  • More than 30 thematic categories to select journalists and media titles
  • You can select entire Africa, regions, countries and cities
  • Draft your own selection lists and keep these online available
  • Keep a history of your press releases sent out
  • All press releases are published on the blog of Africa Business Communities and redistributed to the biggest Africa related Linkedin groups and twitter channels


In a later phase, we will launch the Africa Press List for local companies or organizations only active in some or only one country(ies) in Africa. Herewith, the Africa Press List provides flexible local solutions at low costs.


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