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How to use the Africa Press List, Africa Press List

How to use the Africa Press List


My dashboard

The My Dashboard page is your default landing page after you login to the Africa Press List.

The dashboard page is divided into 4 blocks, from here you can start a search for contacts right away, or edit your personal or company information.
The account statistics page will give you an overview of all your credits options.

My Dashboard

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Buy credits

Upgrade your account via PayPal, this will upgrade to a full Pan African Account
( 1 year extension )

Get credits, select the package you would like to buy, after clicking the buy credits button you will be redirected to PayPal.

My financials will give you an overview of the credits used per mailing, as well as a total amount of credits spent.

Credits / Overview

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The search function gives you the option to search by country, field of interest, language, region, position of journalists and mediatypes.

After you click the search button you will be presented with the results of your search.

The contacts in the search results are grouped under their respective companies or job types, this makes it easier to select, de-select, or later on edit groups of contacts.

Now you have found your contacts, it's time to organise them and group them into contact lists in the next step.


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Create contact list(s)

Contact lists help you to organise contacts by grouping them together. Making a specific contact list for your mailing, helps you in better targeting your audience.

Creating contact lists is organising mail addresses for your convenience, it will not cost you credits and the system will not send them out unless you use these contact lists in a press release.

Example: You want to send out a mailing to all people working in sports who speak or publish in french.

First you complete the search with those specific filters.
category : Sports | language : French and leave the other filters as they are.

When the search results show up you can select the people you would like to include in your list and then add them to a new contact list named “Sports people French” or something similar.

The newly created contact list can be found by clicking on the my contact list button above the search options. You can later edit this contact list by adding or deleting people.

Let's examine the tools for creating a contact list. This screen shows the search result after a search, besides the search results a new toolbar shows up, this is where you create the contactlist(s).

To free up some screen space, and make more room for the search results and contactlist creation you can hide the search options if you like.

Now for the rest of the tools. This screen shows the various ways of selecting and filtering the search results.

The checkboxes to the left of the category and names let you select an entire category of people or select individual contacts.

Search results

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Selection buttons

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Create list

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New press release

Sender and reply account settings
Tips on how to write a successful press-release, click here.



My press release

The "My Press Release" page gives you an overview of all your press releases, they are seperated into several statuses.


Create a new press release

All press releases waiting in queue that will be sent out on a specific date.

All press releases that are not scheduled, waiting for further adjustments. You can edit a draft release by clicking on its name, you can then make edits and save it as a draft again, or change the publication type and send out the press release.

Sent releases
Sent releases shows you a list of all sent releases with a status.

Status completed

The press release was sent out successfully, you can see the statistics of this release by clicking on the name. The newly opened page will show you when it was sent out, how many contacts where mailed and shows you a map of Africa with views per country. Here you can also download the press release as en .eml file.

Status failed

Something obviously went wrong sending this press release. Click on the name of the press release that failed to see more details about the error. Some errors are self explanatory for example:

  • failed (global_error: Zero contacts were mailed.)

This one can simply be solved by editing this release, including a contactlist with your press release, and then re-sending it.


My press release

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For more complicated errors, further guidance or assistance contact us here

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