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Kampala, June 15th, 2018 - Amani Institute is launching the Amani Leadership and Management for Impact program (ALMI) in Uganda. It is a 5-month, modular, training & development program to build business and leadership skills in managers of small and medium businesses across East Africa. Registrations are open for the first cohort starting in Kampala in late July 2018.

The program aims to develop mindsets, skills, and knowledge required to create a positive impact on three levels: leading self, leading team, leading organization. Successfully applying what one learns in the program and then transferring that to the business is at the core of this highly engaging learning program. It combines classroom-based courses with online learning, and it has a strong emphasis on networking and peer support.

The program is made up of 5, highly experiential and hands-on classroom modules to cover essential skills for middle and senior managers (Strategy, Design Thinking, Communication, Problem-solving, People Management, Presentation Skills, Coaching), and a Business Innovation project that participants develop in their functional role, either to solve a problem or to address a business opportunity. The objective is that they immediately apply what they are learning, therefore, bringing a tangible and perceivable benefit to their organization.

Sponsored by the Argidius Foundation, and further supported by the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), the ALMI program is already running in Kenya: more than 70 managers from 30 companies have joined the program. They have come from diverse industries such as; Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, Health, Real Estate & Development and Retail. They include traditional for profit, but also social enterprises, ranging from between 5 – 200 employees. The Participants’ managers belong to different functional roles (General Managers, Country Managers, Head of Departments, such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Production).

"This diversity of backgrounds is intentional because it facilitates a deeper understanding of the various business applications of the program. It allows the participant to get a more holistic view of various issues and it also contributes to shared learning and innovation across businesses and functions", explains Caroline Gertsch, Lead Facilitator from Amani Institute.


Classes will be running in Kampala on 9 days (on Friday and Sunday, once a month), with a predefined calendar so as to not disrupt the business. The first cohort is planned for a July start with the following schedule:

  • Module 1: 27 -28 July 2018
  • Module 2: 24-25 August 2018
  • Module 3: 8-9 September 2018
  • Module 4: 19-20 October 2018
  • Module 5: 16 November 2018 (Graduation)

The program fee is 690 USD (VAT exclusive) per person. Discounts are available for organizations sending multiple employees, even if across different cohorts.

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