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Study abroad plans are still underway as the lockdown and related restrictions are still there in many countries due to Covid-19. However, you can fly to some countries post the Corona outbreak to realize your dreams.

12th July 2020, New Delhi: The rapid yet brave adaptive measures have been taken by the universities and colleges all around the world amid the Corona pandemic. It is for the first time that academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and companies are coming together to help and serve the students as obsessively as today.

In the past few months or say after this pandemic, everything has changed a lot and will continue to change. These changes are also affecting the study abroad destinations. But the good news is that some countries are doing better and students can target them to realize their dreams. So, look at the following to know more:

  • New Zealand

The daring feat by the healthcare system of New Zealand grabbed the attention of the entire world. This is perhaps the first country to flatten the curve of registered corona cases and bring the number down to zero. And when we talk about Study in New Zealand as the best abroad destination, it has always been in the combination. But after this outbreak and its heroic feat, the academic potential of the country skyrocket as many other leading countries are badly affected by this virus. So, this could be an opportunity for you as well as New Zealand to lead the way by introducing the unique way of teaching and world-class education system.

  • Germany

It is one of the most loved countries by the students for so many good reasons. Even though the selection standards for this country are comparatively higher, every year hundreds and thousands of students apply to German universities. Germany’s TU9 is like a Mecca for Technology and Engineering students. This is one of the reasons why it has seen a huge spike in the queries of international students even after this Corona crisis. As we all know that in the past few years, the engineering-focused institutions have expanded their horizons by opening business schools and integrating technology into business to prepare new-age tech innovators and leaders, so it could be your place to achieve your goals with free education in the public universities.

  • United Kingdom (UK)

This country has constantly been listed among the top 5 destinations for higher education abroad for Indian students. Even though it is one of the most affected nations but with the new Post-Study Work Visa rules i.e. 2 years after completing the studies, it is one of the topmost picks for students. In addition to this, the NHS of the country is offering free Covid-19 tests to all international students to make sure that they are healthy. Even after such a drastic condition, they are showing a positive attitude towards the students and encouraging prospects for hybrid or online learning mode.

Many universities are now planning to operate as usual. But it will be quite interesting to see how the leading universities will come together to work for the betterment of the students. In the present Corona scenario, every university and college has understood the fact and taken prompt safety measures to welcome students soon. So, you can also tighten your shoelace to achieve your dreams and APSA can help you fulfill those dreams with ease by proving the professional assistance and guidance throughout the process. So, get in touch with APSA to make everything simpler and error-free.

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