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A Coworking Space that Feels like Home

Rentable hot desks, virtual offices, serviced offices, and board rooms offer many busines owners the opportunity to save. This is exactly what Venture Workspace, a company based in South Africa, offers their clients. Having been up and running for a few years, Venture workspace offers their clients stellar services and packages that are both inclusive and affordable.

At Venture Workspace, you are not only guaranteed an affordable solution to running your business, but also provided the convenience of working in an upmarket, professional workspace. The company has a professional team to ensure the environment in which you choose to rent is both professional and productive.

With Venture Workspace, you are offered a wide variety of options and packages for a professional workspace that suits all of your professional requirements.

The company offers a virtual office where you receive a physical business address, as many telephone extensions as you require, all while working remotely! This exceptional service comes with the package of a discount on virtual workspace meeting rooms because they understand the importance of having a professional place to meet your clients for the first time.

Co-working is another exceptional service offered at Venture Workspace. It gives your team the ability to work in a much more affordable office space. The company has all the fine details of renting a co-working space down to perfection. The office supplied has enough space for up to 104 working desks. In addition to this, they also provide a stellar cleaning and office admin team that ensure these offices are taken care. All you have to focus on is your daily tasks at work!

Venture Workspace even has something for busines owners who have their own office space, which is their meeting rooms and event spaces. This offers business owners an exceptionally impressive place to have all their important business meetings, as well as a space to host business events. The company also offers a range packages for their meeting rooms.

If you would like to learn more about Venture Workspace, or enquire about their hot desking, co-working, or virtual office, then you can visit them on their official website at

About Venture Workspace

Venture Workspace was founded as a result of an international trend that started a few years back. The company has brought the trend of hot desking, co-working, and virtual offices to South Africa, where all South Africans can take hold of this amazing opportunity of cutting down costs and still having a place to work. The company has branches in both Claremont and Constantia.


11 Imam Haron Road, Claremont

Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

Tel: 021 035 1400

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