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MEET Seshie Daniels: Founder of StriveHR

Seshie Daniels is the founder of a tech HR startup called Strive Human Resources. StriveHR is still personally financed by the founder but the tech startup is based in the heart of Lagos with a team of six. Seshie is a Global HR professional with over a decade experience and currently lives in the United states.

A new start-up in the field of technology and human resources With their novel solutions, they are disrupting Africa's human resources.

What is your personal narrative?  HR professional living and working in the US, looking for more ways to expand my HR expertise specifically in the African market, while also helping businesses provide a more efficient HR management process in order to attract and retain the best talents to help grow their business.

What prospects did you notice that may lead to your startup becoming a tremendous success?  A need for HR tech in the African market. The lack of it reduces the effectiveness of a company's HR system. HR tech aids in not just providing an effective way to manage HR functions, but also helps in organization, growth, time saving measures, reducing expenses etc.

Is your business profitable enough to attract investors? If so, why do you think that is? Yes it is. StriveHR uses its unique platforms to save companies money by creating an efficient recruiting and onboarding process while also introducing more effective ways to manage and engage employees. Companies will no longer feel the need to pay foreign companies for services that can be done locally by a company that knows their clientele best. Investors will benefit by not just being a part of an idea new to the African market, but by being part owners as well as decision makers to help guide the future of the business.

Who are the early employees in your startup? How did you hire them? StriveHR currently has a team of 6 employees who run the business along with myself. We have 2 Tech members whose sole focus is building the tech part of the business (Job Board, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS)). We have successfully built the Job Board to completion, and are in the process of building out the ATS, and then the HRIS. In addition, we have 2 HR/Operations members who focus on managing both the internal and external HR functions as well as the operations of the company and 1 Marketing Specialist and 1 Business Development Specialist who focus on Marketing, Sales and Business Development. All 6 were hired internally using StriveHR's methods - from creating the job descriptions that specifically meets StriveHR's needs, to posting the jobs on our various platforms, and using our in house scheduling system to schedule and conduct interviews. 

 Is the Market Opportunity Big? Yes, there is a significant demand for HR technology in the African industry.
Companies are always looking for methods to increase efficiency while lowering expenses, and what better way to do it than with a system that can manage the majority, if not all, of a company's HR functions?

What Positive Early Traction Has the Company Achieved? StriveHR has successfully built 1 out of 3 of the tech platforms, and is actively working on creating the next. We have also put in place systems that will enable us to successfully manage a company's needs for HR templates, Talent Acquisition Services and HR Outsourcing.

What Are the Potential Risks to the Business? At the present, the only risk I see is marketing to organizations that have little experience with HR technology.
I've devised a strategy that will enable StriveHR to engage product trainers who will train organizations who choose to use our services.

Do You Have The Right Support System In Place? Yes I do. I have an amazing team that treats StriveHR as if it were theirs. We all have a common goal and are all working hard together as a team to take StriveHR above and beyond. 

 Have You Thought About The Entire Process From Start To Finish? Yes, and though changes and updates may come as we grow, my plan is flexible enough to accomodate any change(s) that occur without causing a loss to the company. 

 How Will You Fund Your Startup? StriveHR is currently being fully funded by me, the founder. I am currently looking for investors who share my vision and can help me guide the company to be fully self-sufficient and profitable in the near future. 

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