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Africa has all it needs to be developed. My upcoming webinar, “Lifeline”, will prove this. When I was a little child, I watched my mother battle cases in court that touched my heart while we experienced epileptic power supply. I was not sure whether to pursue law or power engineering. My consistent perfect scores in the areas of Math, Physics and Further Math made the decision for me. I would become an electrical engineer. I knew early that I had what it took to transform Nigeria’s power supply from epileptic to reliable. I went from an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at George Mason University to a doctorate degree in the same field at a top five university, Georgia Institute of Technology. I graduated with honors and got nominated to deliver the graduation speech. I named it P.H.D.: Perseverance, Hard work and Delivery. Why? These three qualities are what it takes to succeed in school, industry and business. They are also what it takes to develop our beloved Nigeria and Africa on the continent and the diaspora. I had a dream that quickly became a reality. I am Urenna Onyewuchi, Ph.D.

In 2012, I became the only African-American woman to graduate from the doctorate power program at Georgia Tech that year (and many years before that, probably ever), and the only African-American woman hired into the power consulting department of my Fortune 500 employer, Corning Incorporated. The department was fast-paced. We performed a wide range of consulting for the company’s subsidiaries. I was exposed to failure analysis, power quality improvement, M&A due diligence and more, in addition to stress testing, risk management, stochastic optimization and asset management during my doctoral program. My work and leisure trips to various countries around the world grounded me on what infrastructure should look like. My actual Corning work and my leadership in establishing the IEEE Power Africa Conference as the leading power research conference in Africa by Africans for Africans escalated me quickly into structural transformation and African development. When I stepped back from work, I birthed my latest project,

A Professional Africa is the premier collaboration platform for the development of Africa and emerging economies. With my leadership, it is succeeding as I work through a capable team and continue to add to my team. The platform is mostly about collaborative knowledge-sharing and online learning. So, it boasts multiple videos from global experts and has now curated an amazing bi-monthly webinar series called “Lifeline,” a ray of hope in the midst of the COVID-19 gloom. Topics covered include health, power and employment: Africa’s top problems.

The organization seeks individuals desiring to grow their skillset by purchasing our world-renowned courses, companies to sponsor our webinar-series and to donate towards scholarships for our members, and seeks individuals to register for the life-changing webinars. Because “black is king,” we are tapping mostly “blacks” to develop Africa. To connect with me, register on

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Urenna Onyewuchi, Ph.D. is an African development expert with over 15 years of engineering experience, over 12 years of complex asset management, power quality, energy management and electrical cost reduction projects, and a decade of event/conference planning experience. She is a lover of Africa and cultures around the world. Her platform and her family consume all her time. She has traveled to several countries in five continents.

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