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A Well-Established Sustainable Company

Having been established for over forty years, Rhino Plastics has built a well-established and sound reputation for themselves within South Africa, and here is how they did it. In their inception, Rhino Plastics wanted to stand out from the rest of the companies who offer sustainable products, so they partnered up with some big sustainability-focused companies whose products deeply hold a torch to other sustainable companies and the products they manufacture.

Rhino Plastics cares, not only about our planet, but also their customers. Therefore, they ensure that the products they get from their extensive network of associated partners are not only sustainable, but of extremely high-quality. They believe that being sustainable is the way forward for many industries and that sustainable products should not mean lower grade quality products.

The main industries that Rhino Plastics focuses on for delivering sustainable products is the agricultural, construction, and packaging industries. The latter being the most imperative to turn to sustainable products.

The amount of plastic waste generated from the packaging industry is slowly killing our planet, the need for all packaging supplies to be sustainable was required years ago. Thankfully, Rhino Plastics has encouraged many individuals and companies to utilise their sustainable packing, ensuring that, even if some plastic manages to escape into the environment, the damage and harm it can cause is minimal when compared to traditional packaging supplies.

Rhino Plastics is not only helping reduce the number of products and materials that are not environmentally friendly, but they are also proving that sustainable products are just as good, and possibly even better when compared to the traditional products used in the agricultural, construction, and packaging industries. Some of the several products they supply to these industries include roofing insulation, container liners and packaging insulation, corrosion protection, desiccants, silage bags, and balewrap.

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About Rhino Plastics

Having been established in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for over forty years, Rhino Plastics’ inception was due to the need for more sustainable methods within various industries. Therefore, Rhino Plastics partnered up with some major companies whose inception was to offer more sustainable ways to do work within various industries.  Their focus lies on agricultural, insulation, construction, and the packaging industries.

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