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Affiliate Marketing – The Next Best Thing

Affiliate marketing is sort of a performance-based marketing strategy, which awards commission to affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In other words, the affiliate searches for a product that they believe in or enjoy and then promotes that product and earns a percentage of the profits of each sale that they brought in.

LifeWell took this idea and turned it into their own by creating a system that is designed to create, as well as circulate wealth amongst their own network. LifeWell wanted to achieve a system that was not like anything people have seen or used before – a system that allows people to create a monthly stream of recurring income that did not require people to pay a joining fee.  

The way that the company’s system works is you sign up with either your debit or credit card to gain access to your Day-to-Day benefits. After signing up for the affiliate program, you start referring others to the services that LifeWell have listed and start building up your monthly recuring income. In addition to this, you can receive bonuses for outstanding performance.

LifeWell have a range of services that are attached to their system, some of which will be discussed below.

Medi Aid gives you access to 24/7 comprehensive health and wellbeing advice from Medical Professionals and psychologists. This includes services such as screening tests, injections, and family planning.

Roadside Assist is another service offered by Lifewell and it is available 24/7 to assist you with any road related issues, such as towing, low fuel, tyre changes, etc.

Another service includes Debt Aid. The company has a team of lawyers that will handle the communication between creditors on your behalf, plus assists you with budgeting guidelines.

LifeWell’s Legal Assist service includes a 24-hour telephonic help line with trained professionals who provide assistance on all legal matters, such as criminal offences, fines, divorce maintenance, and debt.

Finally, Teacher on Call is another service that is included in their system which provides qualified teachers who are available to phone when your kids need help with things like homework, exam prep and sourcing material.  To see more information on LifeWell, as well as the services that they offer, visit:

About LifeWell:

LifeWell’s prime focus is to deliver a value-added service to their customers, which are better, more affordable, and faster than any of their competitors. The company’s services are specifically selected and their partnerships are formed only with reliable service providers who have to pass a stringent qualifying test.


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