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Africans and Americans Blacks Become Global Trading Partners

August 2020

Christine Pettway


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Blackstrade Global Marketplace.

Our mission is to unite buyers and sellers that represent the African diaspora globally, while building wealth among black individuals, families, communities, and countries. We encourage inclusion and welcome all ethnicities to join us in trade as we rebuild our communities worldwide. is a marketplace platform that provides an international meeting space for black people to advertise and market their businesses while buying, selling, trading, wholesaling, or providing services to members. Blackstrade membership is currently FREE and lives at:

How Blackstrade works

All members pay an annual membership fee of $19.95 per year and (individuals and businesses) must buy one (1) product or service valued at $20 or more each quarter, equaling (4 purchases annually).This is one of the ways we reinvest in one another.

Blackstrade will promote and sponsor community drive initiatives that empower the black people through education, training, and awareness. Such as promoting black inventors, while fostering community micro-lending to black inventors from our community.

Blackstrade is currently FREE and does not earn or take any revenue from sales of goods or services sold by individuals or businesses. (the site) will earn revenue on membership fees, advertising, and sales of our own branded products (such as tee shirts).

Blackstrade Community Initiatives Ideas

1. Coalition Against BOB Crime

2. Disaster Relief Fund (Flood, Hurricane, Tornado)

3. Finding Missing Black persons

4. Community Micro-lending
Community Sharks (Inventors and small businesses)


Christine Pettway

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