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BTC Credit Successfully Raises $1 Million Investment Within Days of Launch of Private Sale

BTCCredit is set to disrupt the billion dollar lending industry with its innovative platform that aims to make peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto lending mainstream. The company has successfully raised $1 Million in its seed funding round within merely 15 days from the announcement of its private sale, a feat that will only leave their competitors dumbfounded.

BTCCredit is a platform that can single-handedly take care of all the needs of the crypto community and the company will spearhead the revolution in this space by leveraging itself as a futuristic next-gen crypto bank. Being backed by the promising Blockchain technology, the platform is set to be a first of its kind decentralized solution in the market.

This is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the lending industry since such a P2P network will provide a range of unforeseen benefits for both the lenders and the borrowers. The platform is already in the ready-to-launch phase with offerings such as P2P Lending, P2P Exchange, Earnings through Staking, Investment, and much more.

The future of the company looks bright since it aims to acquire 1 million users by the fourth quarter of 2019. Such a target would not only help them to cement their position in the lending market, but it will also convert the platform into an investment hotspot for future investment rounds.

The USP of BTCCredit that can help it to reach such levels is instant P2P loans from lenders which can be disbersed via Blockchain and Smart Contracts to borrowers who need it on a priority basis. Borrowers can liquidate their crypto assets by leveraging them as collateral to meet temporary wants, without the need to completely sell them. Such an automated system would make it faster and easier for users transact in the marketplace.

Considering the high volume of transactions that the platform would be handling on a daily basis, BTCCredit has partnered with global liquidators in a bid to make transactions instant and the platform more reliable.

With a reliable team and an idea that can potentially end up disrupting the complete P2P Crypto space, there is only one phrase that can effectively sum up the excitement of what is about to come - “Watch this Space”.

For more information, you can visit the website of BTCCredit.

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