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As Kenya continues to embrace digitization, Kenyan I.T agency Cyber Pro Kenya has unveiled its newest strategy to capture wider markets by adopting the “Full Digital Package” concept. This comes just days after the agency rebranded to Qodewire to expand into wider markets.

“An internet presence not only brings in new business, but also creates instant credibility,” says David Karuri, the company Founder. “The idea behind this rebrand is to allow us to scale our impact across all Africa and give more small businesses a chance at succeeding online.”

Under the new brand, Qodewire will offer custom software development solutions while complimenting them with digital marketing services.

“This "digital package" concept is meant to ensure continuity in administering both software and marketing needs to our clients, thus adding to the bottom line profitability. We want to be able to handle everything in-house for more transparency and accountability,” adds David.

Qodewire revealed that it has recruited new talent in both its software and marketing departments and is ready to plow back all its profits so far to expand into wider markets.

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