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KAIRA CLAN AND M2M CERTIFIED JOIN FORCES: Introducing Industry 4.0 Innovations

Kaira Clan and M2M Certified join forces to fast track the rapid expansion of 5G/6G Cellular and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies to the world by introducing Industry 4.0 Innovations chartered to solve industrial size problems through Digital Transformation.

With over three decades of Research & Development tenure in the Wireless Technology Industry, together we bring a vast
wireless technology ecosystem/supply chain of services and solutions to market. Kaira Clan offers access to the largest research to business ICT Network in the Nordics.  Our combined strengths give 16 growth partners, more than 17 research centers, a network of 1,200 ICT companies  and 51 shared R&D and test environments to our clients. Together we offer the global skills and competency frameworks necessary for companies to navigate a clear path through the next industrial revolution into a Digital 4.0 World.

Through comprehensive digitalization we can today deliver the Entire IoT solution from sensors to data analytics. Our solutions are always cyber-secured with the latest break-throughs in technology innovations. The whole process is procured under one single legal business entity designed to manage industrial size projects on a global scale; while integrating them seamlessly into your existing business processes.


KAIRA CLAN: Your unified entry point for Nordic digital solutions

Kaira Clan, is a Project Office for digital transformation and solutions established by Janne Siltari and Tero Blomqvist. After watching Finnish ecosystems develop but failing to reach international markets, Janne and Tero both felt that now was the time to create a new breed of project office.

With this purpose in mind they created Kaira Clan: to enable international success stories for Finnish growth companies by unifying their offering. Kaira Clan is established as an acting legal entity “family” that together with their clients enable the journey of building projects together. We offer our global clients access to our network of 1,200 companies each offering a wide range of digital solutions. 

While Kaira Clan does not focus on certain technologies or industries but rather on the customer needs and solutions, we have our areas of expertise. Kaira Clan has developed their own innovation program called Kaira Academy as well as consult in the development of innovation centers. By using our expertise in Smart City development and in digital twins, mining, agriculture and security we can provide a large variety of solutions.

“There isn’t too much that we really can’t do. We use our digital ecosystem and partners like M2M Certified to collaborate and develop solutions together using the Nordic expertise that is so well known in today’s markets.” -Janne Siltari

M2M Certified: Your Regulatory Scout for RF Certifications

M2M Certified was born in 2009 after its founder, Kelly Venturinispent a two-year tenure directing the M2M Device Certification business at one of the major PTCRB certification laboratories in California. It’s during this time Kellydiscovered first-hand the complete lack of understanding, critical challenges, pitfalls and the myriads of mistakes companies transitioning to wireless were encountering when submitting their devices for official certification testing.

This was the lightbulb moment and the spark that flamed the opportunity that urged Kelly to leave the lab and start M2M Certified to develop a service designed specifically to guide M2M customers through the “Critical Path” obstacles in wireless design.


Now 12 years in the making and with the advent of The Internet of Things (IoT) taking the planet by storm, we have also discovered that not only do new M2M/IoT customers need help with wireless design techniques and best practices, they also need help thinking through their entire end-to-end business models/use cases to be able to go global and succeed in IoT long-term.

M2M Certified,an AT&T Approved Turnkey IoT Solutions Provider, has created an elite IoT ecosystem that has assembled the brightest minds amongst the most well positioned companies in the wireless industry to form a new IoT Supply Chain of the Future!

  “It just simply made sense for us to join forces to deliver together our vision of rapidly enabling Digital 4.0 transformational services to the world with a shared business philosophy of dedicating our efforts towards helping customers benefit from a wealth of combined wireless industry knowledge, capabilities and resources.” -Kelly Venturini

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