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First infant registered on MedTrack, Ghana’s Universal Health Record System

In 2018 we set out to create MedTrack, a Universal Health Records system for every Ghanaian with an ambitious objective of registering every Ghanaian by 2025. We have since made significant strides not only in terms of user onboarding but also in understanding the healthcare ecosystem, product positioning and the right tools to deploy given the unequal access to technologies.

A unified health records system will eliminate the largely fragmented medical records in Ghana, significantly increase access to healthcare and enhance the quality of ongoing care, especially for chronic diseases management. At a time when the whole world is under a global health crisis, access to comprehensive health data of a given population is the least requirement in the fight for survival and eventual recovery.

On Wednesday 17th February doctors at the D.L Hospital in Kasoa successfully registered the very first infant on MedTrack. The doctors processed the infant’s bio profile, captured medical examinations conducted, and updated diagnoses’ through an integrated ICD functionality.

Why is this significant? For the infant in question, what it means is that they are the very first Ghanaian baby to start a progressive digital health record journey throughout their lifetime. Subsequent interactions with medical professionals on MedTrack would represent additional clinical information on a single, secured record. This approach does not only eliminate the paper folder system but removes the fragmentation of records that exists even in facilities that operate electronic medical record solutions which are typically not accessible by third parties and the patient.

How does it work? MedTrack’s secured accessibility allows the medical professionals to collaborate on a single health record regardless of their location. The infant in question accidentally swallowed detergent and needed immediate medical attention, MedTrack provides long term follow up for this and will also assist in the management of complications arising as the documentation for this and follow up care will always be available on a secure system.

The Way forward. A universal health record for every Ghanaian is achievable, the apt integration of the Ghana Card number as a unique identifier provides us with a realistic pathway. The use of technologies and security features such as SMS receipts and authentications that enabled the successful adaptation of Mobile Money in Ghana positions MedTrack as a familiar service with little to no barriers.

We are ensuring the expansion of the MedTrack service to every Ghanaian especially newborns through a special focus on registering young adults and nursing mothers as we continue to connect the various players in the healthcare industry; doctors, diagnostic centres and community pharmacies.

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