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Get Your Intended Message Across!

South Africa is a beautiful country that has many different cultures, traditions, as well as languages, which makes it hard for marketers to get their intended message across, as there is a language barrier no matter which avenue you choose to use. This is one of the reasons why Voice Village was established, to deliver quality voice overs that are extremely accurate and convey the intended message effectively.

Voice Village have plenty of experience with translating and delivering voice overs in all of the Native South African languages that include, but are not limited to, Xhosa, isiZulu, Setswana and Afrikaans. The company ensures that the message will be easily understood by the key demographics in their native tongue. 

Voice Village has a comprehensive database full of voice actors that includes both men and women who range from preadolescence all the way to actors who are over the age of 60. The company has a wide range of vocal abilities that will be able to suit your request. Voice Village’s voice artists have voices that are suited more for informal or casual scripts, as well as deep, feminine, gender-neutral, high-pitched, soft, loud, and authoritative voices. What you say is very important, but how you say it sometimes makes the difference, which is the reason why Voice Village offers voice overs from men and woman in all official languages. Plus, the actors have practiced their customised tones which assist in targeting core demographics such as the younger generation.

South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation because of how many different cultures, traditions and language are spoken within it. This multicultural nature creates a need for an accurate, tailored, and personalised voice over translation service that is easy to use and makes sense. That is where Voice Village come into play, their translation services allow you to stay focused on your core business while they worry about converting and conveying a personalised message to your target audience.

You may be thinking that you could just make use of the automatic translation tools that we have access to online, but these tools miss out on the personalisation, tone and humour that may be involved. To see more about Voice Village, visit:

About Voice Village:

Voice Village was established in 2002 in Cape Town and since then, has grown immensely through hard work and dedication. They make sure that their team of specialised individuals run Voice Village like a well-oiled machine - smooth and efficient.


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