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BOLUN rack provides free clothing store design and supreme quality racks to boost the look of any clothing store

Bolun Clothing Display Furniture Co deals in high quality and affordable clothing racks for fashion stores. Bolun is in business since 2004 and has amassed a gigantic experience of 15 years in the furniture industry. If you own a clothing store and are looking for Commercial clothing racks near me then Bolun Clothing Display Furniture CO is the trustworthy source in the market that would look after all your display furniture needs.

Starting from 30000 square feet factory now expanded to 210000 square feet manufacturing base with 186 workers,82 pieces working machines, 3 huge stock products warehouse,18 rich experience designers and cooperated with over 3000 stores all over the world, Bolun has become a global brand.

With the passage in time, fashion stores have increased in numbers. People are more conscious of what they wear and constantly crave to have clothes pertaining to the latest trends. What distinguishes any clothing store is obviously the quality of their fabric but also the decorum of their store. Bolun racks are specifically designed to give fashion store owners that competitive edge that will attract a lot of customers to their stores just because of the graceful look that the apparel will obtain due to the beauty of furniture on which they are displayed.

The management is committed to serving its customers with grace and utmost dedication. In the words of one of their managers: ā€œFrom raw material selecting to cutting, carving and polishing, we care all the steps well to consider our products as Article. During years development, we are leading the fashion trends of clothing display furniture in China and is one of the standard creators in this field. Every product has passed 28 strict production procedures, only rigorous attitude, meticulous craftsmanship, never ignore any details. Quality is our basis, our principle, our life., we have to pay extraordinary human and material resources, but quality is the source of growth, this is the root of everything. Our workshop strictly implements the ā€œ7Sā€ standard, ensuring that the product specifications operate ISO14001 environmental certification standards and ISO9001 quality system certification standards efficiently. There are 5 factories in China have their own electroplating furnace only three of them are imported from Germany, we have the honor to own 2 pieces Germany vacuum electroplating furnace that will not drop color at least 8 years and deeply in high glossy and high matte.ā€

Bolun keeps offering 100% satisfaction guarantee! It is their principle to keep each customer satisfied and form long-term business relationships because they believe that their customers are also their friends. They believe that their customers are the only reason why their firm Bolun is hailed as TOP 3 in China.

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Company: BOLUN Clothing Display Furniture Co


Phone: +86 15602389493

Address: No. 15, Nianfeng Avenue Middle Road, Leping Town, Foshan City

Location (City, State, Country): Foshan, China


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