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Join the big leagues with Great Managers League.

In its journey to build a world where every individual gets the chance to work with a Great People Manager™, a step was made towards bringing these great minds together. The Great Managers League is a unique network of professionals who’ve been nominated to join, and is now accepting submissions for the same.

The first category contains managers who’ve been certified by the Great Manager Certification App post self-assessment and team-assessment, to help ascertain his effectiveness score. Basis a personalized profile created, he can access a series of recommended learning modules and action planning templates to develop his own managerial ability. Through benchmarking and mentoring, the individual can gain a stronger understanding of his Connect, Develop and Inspire© quotient with his team.

The second category contains managers who’ve been recognized through the Great People Manager™ Awards post survey via the Great People Manager™ Study. Basis the survey findings, managers and their organizations can take more well-informed decisions through the quantitative and qualitative feedback captured. Those individuals who rank higher than others in their level will receive recognition as a Great People Manager™.

The third category contains managers who apply through this page right here. Through the details submitted, their profiles are evaluated and they are further invited to join the Great Managers League.

This benefits of membership in this community clearly outweigh the costs incurred to join. At Rs. 20,000, a member can receive perks worth over Rs. 50,000 for an entire year.

  • Access to Great Manager Institute™’s Lifetime Digital Coach and Personal Offline Mentor
  • Invite to a series of online and offline events hosted by Great Manager Institute™
  • Opportunity to expand professional network via a well-represented peer-learning forum
  • Availability of a Prestigious Branding Package for the member

If you’re keen on being a part of this exclusive community of Great People Manager™s, introduce yourself to us and we’ll get in touch! Join the big leagues with Great Managers League.

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