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Textiles are among the major part of lifestyle utilities human beings depend on. But, the quality of textiles has to be checked with accuracy, wherein, chemicals used in dying and types of fabric are classified. At present, this need of the hour is being addressed through textile testing lab, Spectro. This laboratory is a team of experts which possesses industry wise knowledge and proficiency to examine the quality of sample of textiles. Be it finesse, colors used to dye fabric or safety of fabric in terms of composition, analytical tests are aligned properly to approve textiles for selling and distribution.

Despite of the modern variety of clothes available in the market, checking the durability, fade-proof properties and other qualities is a must. Moreover, suitability of textiles to be used in a given season is also assessed by the laboratory personnel of Spectro. Over the past decade, the company has attained national recognition for its valuable contribution to textile testing. There are many aspects which have to be considered while evaluating the sample of cloth such as design, manufacturing, impact on distribution and its safety.

All these factors influence the final outcome further providing a certification to manufacturers to distribute and supply textiles. Spectro is a Delhi based laboratory which has not only promoted awareness off using the best quality of textiles for garments, but, also offered detailed report about the composition of tested samples. Faulty materials are even identified in the initiate phase of textile testing in the lab through investigation to avoid instances of customer complaints.

Most often, textile testing lab, Spectro is also contacted for product development & research purposes by the companies before or after launching the new series of their goods. Besides, this laboratory has always focused on monitoring the production of textiles which has been freshly shifted to warehouse. With all the latest equipments, scientific methods and apparatus available in the laboratory, Spectro has found even minor issues in the material submitted for testing.

Currently, Spectro is known for its best, trusted and cost-effective analytical textile testing services. Apart from Delhi, this NABL accredited textile testing lab has delivered its services across the nation while retaining the business objective of the client.

Sushant Gupta, owner of Spectro acknowledged, “We promote absolute accuracy through our analytical tests while offering a passage to our clients to become a trusted brand in the market. Each detail pertaining to quality is recorded in analytical reports by our experienced personnel for the reference of clients.”

Spectro is maintaining quality in products through analytical tests and its rich history testifies the path of constant success in the Indian market.

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Spectro is an analytical laboratory based in India which was founded in 1995. With over a decade, this lab has maintained quality, control, analysis and precision in its testing services. The company has adopted cutting-edge technologies and modern stringent quality control measures to deliver the appropriate report to the clients. After being the trusted brand in Delhi, Spectro has made its mark throughout the nation by broadening its scope of work.

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