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The immigrants  have frequently settled in Canada for job and business purposes. The curren timmigrants  population in Canada is 18.8% of the total Canadian population. Indians have settled heavily in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & Greater Vancouver. The current Indian populations in Canada in numbers in these four cities are 902350. 1.4% of Canadian total population is Sikh, which shows that maximum numbers from India who settled in Canada are from Punjab.

Reasons for immigration to Canada

Let us discuss the reason for immigration to Canada from your place .

Canada has in its system outstanding framework, many employment scopes, high standard of living and these molds the immigrants to get settled there. Another thing is that many immigrants have already their relatives settled there in Canada. So they find it easier to immigrate to Canada. Settling in a western country is a big issue and same is the case with settling in Canada. The free healthcare and free education benefits also motivate the Indians to settle in Canada.

Canada opened its door to more than 40,000 immigration applicants

Steps for settling in Canada from your country

Firstly, one has to get permanent residency in Canada for settling there. On spending plentiful time as a permanent resident one can move for Canadian citizenship.

Specified path can be selected to settle in Canada as a skilled migrant:-

Quebec skilled worker program – Application can be made in this popular program through Mon Project Quebec online system.

Provincial Nominee Programs – Application can be made for these immigration programs of different provinces of Canada that work in arrangement with the Federal Government.

Express Entry System – Express Entry System gives a chance to immensely proficient & expert workers to submit their form online and finally get chosen for Permanent Residency.

Settlement through Family remerge – Already permanent residents & citizenship holders of Canada can sponsor their family members. Thus, children, parents, grandparents, spouses back can apply for Permanent Resident Visas through Family sponsored visas.

Through Business & Investment Category Visa – Self employed category persons can apply for this type of Visa through this category. One needs to fulfill the minimum investment and other conditional formalities for applying.


Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has to know an immigrant’s English speaking and writing abilities. For this purpose, an IELTS Academic or an IELTS General Training Tests are taken. The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. It is one of the largest tests conducted worldwide. Over three million tests were conducted last year in 2017. English language ability tests are judged by IELTS in four parameters i.e. Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. They give grades in between 1 to 9 ilets band . When one registers for an IELTS test study materials for the test preparations are also sent along with the CDs for preparation.

Documentation for getting the PR Visa to get settled in Canada

If a person is going with his spouse with the spouse being the dependant and the husband is the primary applicant, then following are the formalities needed to be done. All the work experience certificates, the educational certificates, identity proofs, address proofs of the primary applicants along with the certificates of the dependants are to be notarized and a copy has to be sent to the immigration consultant who will proceed further with that person’s application. The IELTS Score certificate in original also needs to be submitted. The bank statements of the previous year and current year along with the property valuation are also needed to be submitted.

Points based system to get Visa for Canada

Let us discuss few points which enhance the points for getting the Visa:

Age in between eighteen and thirty-five is the correct age for gaining maximum immigration points.

A post graduation or doctorate qualification gets the maximum points. One also needs to get the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) i.e. get the degrees approved by the WES.

One has to pass the International English Language Testing System(IELTS) Examination and get a score around 7 to 9 out of the maximum of 9 to gain high points for visa purpose.

Greater work experience fetches an applicant more points. The more the number of years work experience is greater is the point valuation for the purpose of Visa. Good Score in IELTS Improve Your CRS Score.

Housing accommodation on being new and on the verge of settling in Canada

As and when a gentleman or a gentle lady from India reaches Canada on the motive of settling there, the primary thing of concern for them is the accommodation there. Firstly, it is better to take a temporary accommodation in a 50 to 60 dollars discounted accommodation. They need to stay there for three days and in the meantime from local newspapers, libraries and various websites they find out an accommodation which they find is according to their needs and budgets and where they can go in for a permanent accommodation.

There are single apartments, duplex apartments, triplex apartments available there in places like Toronto, Montreal, Greater Vancouver, Calgary etc. The landlord or the landlady does not provide the accommodation at once. They ask for some documents before they allow the tenants to occupy. 

They want documents like an employment certificate from one’s current employer or his previous employer. Landlords also want to verify the bank statements of the tenants to judge the tenants’ solvency. The landlords also go in for references by previous landlords. Most apartments & houses for rent in Canada require at least half a month’s rent as security deposit. The immigrants should also get the knowledge of the tenancy law.

Why round World Immigraton is the Best Immigration Consultant for you?

Finally, it can be stated that the immigration policies of Canada are quite lenient as compared to other western nations and hence Indians find the place more suitable to move in and settle. Canada has a very high standard of living and with good economic conditions and less inflation. Canadian government do not go in for stringent tax laws and also the advantage of settling in Canada is because of its social benefit schemes like the free and subsidized facility for education and free medical facilities.

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