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Korck Components – Valued Manufacturers of Wood Components

Korck Components formed part of the Korck group and, since then, the business has seemed to have a more wholesome service, having many clients such as Khel’s, Saks, Ikuni and Paul Alexander that can vouch for Korck Components. Korck Components take great pride in their work, as they can honestly say that they take care of their staff and have great love and respect for them.

Korck Components categorise their products into three sections, such as boutique products, which are usually for the hospitality industry or for customers that have their own clients or distribution channels. These products consist of decorations or furniture. The second category is custom products, which are for artists, designers and architectures. These products are usually tailored to what customers want. Due to Korck Components’ great reputation and attention to detail, many well-known artists use Korck Components to make products that last a lifetime. Finally, wholesale products make up the third category, which are products that are sold in bulk for companies that do outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as a few others.

Korck Components really value and love people, especially their staff. Most companies do not mention their staff too often, but Korck Components share every single staff member’s name, with a picture of them, on their website. Korck Components are firm believers in doing business in an honest way. Thus, they aim to build good relationships with their customers and always deliver a good service. They have nine staff members and, even though all of them are respectfully good at what they do, they follow the lead of the person who started the company, Deon. Deon is one of the most experienced people in the wood industry, as he has been working in said industry for 22 years.

Korck Components have a team who all possess fine carving skills, allowing them to restore and repair one-off items with ease. For more information on their products and services, please visit their official website


Unit L, Berkley Square, Reyger Street, Ndabeni

Cape Town, 7405, South Africa

Tel: 021 511 7693

About the Company:

Korck Components Pty. Ltd. have grown immensely in the way they go about business since joining the Korck group. Even though they have always delivered a product with great effort and quality, they now have more resources, as well as more business knowledge, to go around. Being part of the Korck group also promotes their reputation and provides them with a pool of business knowledge.

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