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There is no doubt about it, humans have been slowly and surely destroying the natural world as we push to develop newer and better technologies, create more space for people to live, and mass-produce several items. Back in 1961, the world’s leading conservationists all signed a call for support which was named Morges Manifesto. This manifesto stated that while the expertise to protect the world environment existed, the financial support to achieve this protection did not. This is when they made the decision to establish the World Wildlife Fund as an international fundraising organisation. The intention was to collaborate with conservationist groups and bring financial support to the worldwide conservation movement. As the World Wildlife Fund grew throughout the 70s and 80s, it began to expand its work to conserve the environment as a whole. This reflected the interdependence of all living things, rather than focusing on select species in isolation.

The South African Wildlife Foundation was formed back in 1968 and then later became the Southern African Nature Foundation. Finally, in 1995, the organisation renamed themselves to WWF South Africa. Since its funding, the WWF has been dedicated to protecting South Africa’s natural heritage. This includes all things such as plants, animal species and of course, people.

WWF South Africa have also launched an online shop that is dedicated to supplying people with sustainable clothing for men, women, and kids. There are even some awesome gifts to get for people! The shop only sells sustainable and environmentally friendly produced clothing that have genuine eco credentials. This is because sustainability is at the heart of WWF and all purchases made through the online store helps them to continue their drive to produce more sustainable products and also helps drive their initiatives that they have.

If you would like to find out more about the WWF, browse through their wide range of sustainable clothing, or if you would like to contact someone to ask further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official clothing website at:

About WWF South Africa

What started out as an environmental protection agency has now evolved into an all-encompassing organisation that helps not only the environment, but everything involved in it. This means that they help with plant issues going on, animal cruelty and poaching, as well as initiatives to help the people of this world.

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