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Nigeria deserves democratic leaders and the best elected representatives in 2023 and beyond.”— Princess Olatorera Oniru

The future of over 200 million great Nigerians depends on a better Nigeria achievable through the democratic installation of capable, ethical, determined and experienced leaders. 2023 brings about a new wave of elections in Nigeria of which the highest potential citizens must be ready to win the battle, take over the baton and lead painstakingly.

As Nigeria gears up to decide on electing the best citizens capable of leading uncorrupted, the race is on for new Local, State and National leaders for Greater Nigeria. In a country with 0% Federal Senators under the age of 41 and a maximum of 7% women representation in the National Assembly since independence, Princess Olatorera Oniru’s campaign team is hard at work to make sure we win this for Greater Nigeria, for epitomable leadership, for increased women representation, for courageous young leaders in Government and for a progressive economy with increased standards of living. The Princess Olatorera Oniru for National Assembly Campaign Office was established in 2021 after many allies and supporters prompted Oniru to accept the baton of contributing to a progressive Nigeria. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the world heard, very loudly, the voices of many millions of Nigerian youths calling for a better country. Great citizens of Nigeria want to minimize corruption, alleviate poverty, eliminate police brutality and attain better standards of living. Nigerians worldwide want a nation that is habitable and progressive for all citizens. Nigeria deserves democratic leaders and the best elected representatives in 2023 and beyond.

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