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How to strengthen African entrepreneurs during coronavirus

As COVID-19 brings the world to a screeching halt, support for African microenterprises needn’t miss a beat.   EFour Enterprises LLC has launched ESchool, a pioneering small business initiative that delivers professional business coaching and skills development to entrepreneurs remotely via the internet. 

Available to organizations and programs that support microenterprises in developing countries, ESchool’s distance coaching offers a highly productive and cost-effective way to empower small business during “down time” at home.

“We developed ESchool because we felt it made sense, long before coronavirus reared its ugly head,” says Donna Rosa, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at EFour. “We spent 18 months developing, testing and refining the model and methodology in three global regions, so it’s not something we threw together when the pandemic burst onto the global stage. The launch timing, admittedly, was ironic," she concedes. 

Utilizing an internet platform and proprietary cloud-based software and other tools, weekly coaching takes place in small groups, and no one has to travel.  That saves time and money as well as lives.  Additionally, the group approach maximizes participant interaction while ensuring individualized attention. “Entrepreneurs love it, and so do the organizations that have used it,” adds Rosa.

Three standard programs are available, and EFour can design custom programs. Coaching is provided by senior-level experts who specialize in international development and have extensive private sector business experience.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • Personalized feedback and real-world learning in the context of their own businesses
  • Weekly sessions fit into busy schedules
  • No need to travel or take leave from work
  • Assignments are completed between sessions at the convenience of participants
  • Group sessions provide networking and peer learning opportunities
  • Direct access to international business experts
  • Full email support between sessions
  • Certificate granted upon satisfactory completion

Benefits for SME Support Programs, Organizations, and Donors

  • Cost-effective: no travel costs or per diems for coaches, participants, or support staff. Small      group sessions also reduce the cost vs. individual counseling, yet provide personalized attention.
  • Support staff can easily participate in weekly sessions from anywhere
  • International business expertise is available anywhere there’s a computer and internet access
  • Ongoing coaching is more effective than “one and done” trainings or workshops
  • Programs focus on areas that most entrepreneurs struggle with, but can be customized for specific group needs
  • Entrepreneurs appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the tools, the handholding through difficult business concepts, the personalized feedback on their business situations, and the responsiveness to their questions.  They feel proud when they complete ESchool.

Rosa concludes, “I feel that remote coaching will eventually become the norm, because it’s just a better way to help micro-entrepreneurs. Small businesses, already struggling, could be decimated by the global shutdown. We should take this opportunity to fortify microenterprises now, so they are better positioned to reopen when coronavirus is behind us.”


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EFour Enterprises LLC is based in Miami, Florida, USA.  EFour stands for Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies. The company provides personalized professional business development services for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies.  EFour is at the forefront of technology-enhanced remote coaching that works.

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