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Nu Menu Solutions Offers Covid-19 Prevention Technology

Nu Menu Solutions is one of the leading companies that innovate and supplies quality hotel software and hardware for the hospitality industry. However, in the light of the raging Coronavirus pandemic, Nu Menu Solutions is now offering two products which will help in ensuring the safety and health of individuals in public. These products include:

Facial Recognition Terminal â€“ This is built with a special IR thermometer. It also has a 21.5 inches LCD digital display for clear reading. This terminal offers a combination of facial recognition with infrared thermography. This is just ideal for contactless facial recognition and for temperature detection. It is known to all that contactless testing is the way to reduce infections. If temperature anomalies are detected in advance it can help in reducing the spread of infections.


  • Voice prompting facility
  • Contactless facial recognition
  • Acts as a smart access control
  • Can function to improve service level of property management
  • Helps to measure temperature automatically
  • Facial mask identification with mask algorithm

Sanitizer kiosk with 21" LCD advertising digital display - In the present times when social distancing and hand sanitization are the key to stay safe and healthy, industries are doing their bit to adapt. The 21.5inch LCD digital display kiosk by Nu Menu Solutions offers dual functionality. It is just perfect for advertising and messaging and works as an auto censored sanitizer dispenser. It can be used in lobbies, at shop entrances and indoor public spaces.


  • Android 7.1
  • Resolution: 1920x1280
  • Colour: 16.7 Million
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Connectivity - Wifi
  • Non-touch and touch available

Some of their other products which are equally beneficial, especially during the pandemic are:

Interactive Kiosks

Nu Menu Solutions manufactures and supplies commercial custom interactive or self service kiosks. With the growth of touch screens and the onset of the pandemic, these self service kiosks are just what several industries need. Some of the industries they supply their kiosks to include:

  • Medical industries
  • Government and municipalities
  • Shopping malls
  • Human recourses

Digital Menu

Nu Menu Solutions helps you create digital menus for your restaurants which can be made available for your customers in over 35 languages. Your customers can download your digital menu directly on their mobile devices and eliminate the risk of contact and successfully carry out social distancing. Some of the perks of using digital menus include:

  • Guest Feedback: This feature allows you to collect instant feedback from your customers so that you can determine your flaws and things you must improve.
  • Seamless order management: Takes orders and sends directly to the kitchen.
  • Data driven menu: The digital menu learns the customers’ behaviour as they scroll through which helps you understand the items most loved, most disliked, that brings in the most revenue etc.

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About the Company

Nu Menu Solutions is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of interactive Kiosks. They also provide advanced technological solutions for the hospitality industry and others. Some of the big names they work with include Four Seasons, Hard Rock Hotel, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Park Hyatt.

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