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Out with The Old & In with The New

The current pandemic has challenged and changed the corporate world immensely. Many companies faced massive losses which led to businesses having to close their doors. Fortunately for some, exploring the avenue of working remotely was a possibility. Working remotely became the only option for many and, although possible, productivity was at stake, as the lines between home and work life became blurred. Not to mention, the sense of community one gains from being in a working environment was lost.

Venture Workspace is a company situated in Cape Town that has taken these challenges that the pandemic presented and created a combating solution. They are based in the Southern Suburbs, as well as Somersetwest. Venture Workspace has created coworking and office options, which accommodate the pocket, allow for flexibility, and encourage productivity.

Venture Workspace offers a range of facilities and services that are perfect for accommodating the needs of small to medium-sized entrepreneurs, start-up teams, freelancing professionals, as well as traveling professionals. They provide ready-to-use workspaces. The facilities Venture Workspace has to offer comprise of Coworking Workspaces, Virtual Offices, Meeting Room and Event Spaces, and Serviced Offices.

Coworking workspaces provide a shared workspace environment for individuals from different industries and companies. These workspaces are stocked with all the needed office equipment and utilities to ensure productivity. Virtual offices, on the other hand, provide businesses and individuals with a physical address and call answering services, eliminating the costs that are involved with having a receptionist. Serviced offices are larger, fully furnished coworking spaces and include cleaning services. Venture Workspace’s meeting rooms and event spaces offer an affordable space to have meetings and discussions. If your business does not have a boardroom or a large space to have meetings with clients, and you often have to go to a coffee shop to conduct such meetings, you can utilise Venture Workspace as a solution to this problem. Not only will this be a more professional way of conducting business, but it is also affordable.

Deciding to go with Venture Workspace offers you many benefits. It offers you access to a comfortable workspace which encourages productivity, focus and inspiration. To learn more about Venture Workspace, visit their official website at

About Venture Workspace:

Venture Workspace provides a sense of community to working professionals. The company’s initiative has replaced the previous notion of old school rental models and has created this new way of working. They have adapted to the current situation so well that they are shaping a modern alternative to many and meeting the needs of more.


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