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For a quality satellite connection,

Paratus South Africa offers you the right gear and the right team

South Africa, 12 September 2020: VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) or simply put – satellite connectivity is a communications system that connects business and residential home users in remote locations through satellite connectivity to the Internet.

As leaders in satellite-based technology, we provide our customers with the right solutions to meet their needs. This is our number one priority. We leverage the extensive network footprint of the Paratus Africa group as well as our partnerships with the biggest global satellite companies to strengthen our connection, providing a quality, cost efficient connection that is supported with unrivalled technical service and flexible financial options to meet your needs.

You don’t just get a quality internet connection; you get access to unlimit your business and effortlessly connect at home. Now, in South Africa, for only R999/month on a 24-month package, you can now experience up to 10Mbps/3Mbps uncapped internet connectivity subject to the fair usage policy. You also get free installation, hardware, a WiFi router and professional advice to guarantee the right internet solution for you.

Paratus South Africa Managing Director, Kallie Carlsen emphasized, “We understand the needs (and frustrations) that come with a poor-quality connection and support, which is why we offer a connection that does not compromise on quality. Our highly skilled support engineers are also available 24/7 to meet our customers’ business and personal connectivity needs. There are truly no limits to what we will do to make sure our clients are always connected.”

Paratus South Africa has the right gear and the right team to unlimit your world, so you can focus on unlimiting your business and home.


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About Paratus South Africa

As an independent provider for last-mile, satellite-based connectivity, Paratus South Africa has grown to become a full-spectrum, end-to-end services aggregator and managed service partner. With the backing of Paratus Africa’s robust network and presence in Teraco, we offer our customers a range of connectivity solutions including internet, SD-WAN and satellite solutions, making us a truly unlimited network.

We are part of the Paratus Africa group and deliver specialist VSAT solutions as we believe it plays a vital role in Africa’s connectivity, bridging the gaps left by traditional terrestrial and radio access networks. At Paratus South Africa, our business is keeping your business connected – wherever you are.

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