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The wait for the Hip Hop Evolution highly anticipated album, was finally over.

This independent and selfless Musician has released music that will take take your love for. Hip Hop and RnB experience to the next level with songs like “Why You On Your Feelings”, “Baby You The ”and “L On Love ”. Their sound is rich and unique and is taking the HipHop Industry by storm. With one of the hottest albums in the independent Music Industry , this musician can tell you all about the survival of the fittest and what it takes to keep pushing through the adversities while pursuing your dreams and goals.

Pimpflurry is a Solo artist originally from South Africa but his music is mostly based in the U.S. and other terrorist. He began his musical journey over 6 years ago. In addition , the musician revieced a Prophecy that One Day his name will be mentioned with one of the greatest musicians in the world. After receiving the prophecy of what was to come, this musician chose to walk in obedience with The Lord.

And although the trials were great, he knew his commitment and obedience to Misic would be so much greater and The Lord would be glorified through it all. He plans on accomplishing many great feats while the journey continues to unfold.

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His new Album/EP entitled Hip Hop Evolution can be Only streamed on soundcloud while its not yes available for purchased on all digital stores worldwide But it can still be streamed on his website at . Please be sure to stay tuned for updates on shows & other exciting news.

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