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Leep Africa Develops Leep Connect, The World’s First Mobile IOT Hotspot Network

Leep Africa has partnered with Bolt and private minibus taxis to revolutionise mobile internet accessibility by equipping people with free internet access in various modes of transport.

Leep Africa, a Johannesburg-based South African company, has developed the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) mobile hotspot network. Its product, Leep Connect, will be piloted in select Bolt vehicles and in independent minibus taxis to provide free internet to passengers and drivers alike.

Leep Connect provides commuters with free internet access on their daily travels which they can use at their discretion. Users are not provided with cached content but rather pure internet access. This provides commuters across socioeconomic lines in South Africa reliable access to the internet.

George Georgiades, Industrial Engineer, co-founder of Leep Africa and developer of Leep Connect, says that he aspires to empower people during their daily travels with Leep Connect.

“The minibus taxis are the backbone of the South African economy. Taxi commuters are often data-starved during these trips as they simply cannot afford mobile data. It’s largely wasted and unproductive time,” the innovator says. “Now we can connect them to the internet at no charge and give them the ability to use their daily commute to keep in contact with friends and family, apply for work, read or watch the news, find information for their studies, and so on.”

The initiative helps Bolt drivers by reducing the data costs of their own entrepreneurial business each month, enabling them to keep costs under control and grow their income. Passengers who are able to access free data while they are on a trip will benefit from reduced data costs too – and they can enjoy their own content while they are on an e-hailing trip.

Leep Africa funds this internet access through third-party marketing, bringing together advertisers and networks to connect end-users to the internet at zero cost. Additionally, through collecting anonymous data, Leep is able to perfect the user experience and find out how users are interacting with the system as a whole, as well as develop new key insights about how people use transport in South Africa.

This is accomplished by using a network of IoT nodes to create an easily scalable and modifiable WiFi network.

“It is highly customisable and can be used in various industries and environments,” Georgiades explains. “It allows space for new and innovative ways of marketing and customer interaction. We are looking at ways to grow our products in the transportation industry and see how we can move beyond it, too.”

The pilot programme for Leep Connect launched on 22 October 2020 and will continue into early 2021 in both Bolt vehicles and minibus taxis. The launch was a tremendous success as drivers and riders have interacted well with the system and have been giving overwhelmingly positive feedback to Leep Africa.

Leep Africa was established in 2019 and uses technology to improve the lives of people across the continent. Its focus is on networks, devices and data. It was established by Georgiades, who also operates Tecbot, a custom-tailored IT solutions company, together with Paul Selibas, a Software Engineer and Payments Specialist. Georgiades and Selibas have led Leep Africa to build the product, Leep Connect, where all the software has been designed and developed in-house in South Africa by the company

Leep Africa believes that the internet is a basic human right as it improves people’s lives and provides people with access to information. Leep Africa fills this gap in South Africa and aims to continue installing Leep Connect in more vehicles while expanding the network to modes of transport and beyond.  

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About Leep Africa

Leep Africa is a South African company that utilises technology to improve the lives of African people by focusing on networks, devices and data. It aims to enhance socio-economic growth and solve Africa’s technological challenges by creating products that seamlessly integrate into people’s daily lives.

Leep’s aim is to ensure that Africa is at the forefront of innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT). It specialises in using the latest IoT methodologies to build smart networks, with its first product being Leep Connect, an IoT enabled mobile hotspot network. Leep prides itself on building innovative methods of connectivity that can open several doors for Africa’s people and can assist in steering Africa towards leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About George Georgiades

George Georgiades is an Industrial Engineer operating two African-based tech companies, Tecbot and Leep Africa.

Georgiades founded Tecbot in 2017 to generate revenue while studying towards his Engineering degree. Tecbot began as a software development startup providing technological solutions to businesses and individuals. Within three years, the company has grown substantially and offers its services to a multitude of fields. The company now refers to itself as a product incubator, with a focus on offering its clients all the digital services needed to achieve online success in today’s connected world.

In 2019, Georgiades founded Leep Africa with Paul Selibas. Leep Africa is an IoT company whose products are proudly designed and developed in South Africa. The company’s first product is Leep Connect - an IoT-enabled mobile hotspot network that provides free internet access to South Africa’s transportation industry.

Georgiades has successfully implemented solutions in the architectural, retail and e-commerce industries with products ranging from advanced e-commerce platforms to remote ordering systems. The innovator wishes to improve the lives of South Africans and to push boundaries within the innovation sphere in Africa.

About Paul Selibas

Paul Selibas, CTO and Co-founder of Leep Africa, has a passion for mobile technology and solving real-world problems in what he calls the “access to information” age.

Selibas has worked with cryptography, mobile solutions and digital payments which has led him to pioneer a mobile payments solution called Masterpass South Africa. In addition to this, he has contributed towards creating one of the largest payment QR systems in South Africa. Selibas has also built a proof of concept that later became the Emirates Digital Wallet (EDW), the United Arab Emirates digital cash ecosystem.

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