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Most chairs either come from another country or are mass produced in South Africa. Furniture Depot based in Cape Town have an onsite toolroom where they build their state-of-the-art ergonomic chairs. Their range of chairs is tried, tested and are high-quality. They allow their clients to customise already existing models or create their own chairs altogether. Furniture Depot also sell a wide variety of chairs such as bar stools, office chairs, tubs seats, stacker chairs and benches.

Why Furniture Depot is of high quality
Furniture Depots are able to manufacture high quality chairs because they make use of the integral skin polyurethane foam process. The foam is then combined with a robust steel frame to make it as strong as possible, while maintaining its comfort. Another reason for the high-quality product is the fact that there is a lot of effort put into each chair instead of all the parts just being mass produced and being assembled by the buyer.

Furniture Depots has a variety of ranges for different applications. For example, their bar stools can be used in a physical bar, it can be used as a waiting area in your business or in a coffee shop. Furniture Depot have eight different types bar stools each have their own unique aesthetic. Some are mid back and high back which offer a varying degree of back support.

Their benches are a new type of design that is unique yet sturdy. These unique new range of benches they’ve developed are mainly used in businesses where there is a waiting area such as the doctor or dentist, but it can also be used outside on the patio or by the pool.

Furniture Depot have a great variety of products on offer from tables, benches to ergonomic office chairs. To find out more about Furniture Depot and what other products they offer please visit their site at


3 Linton ClBeaconvale, Cape Town

7500, South Africa

Tel: 0219332076

About Furniture Depot
Furniture Depot is a leading supplier of high-quality furniture in Cape Town. Their aim is to manufacture high quality and reliable commercial furniture for their clients to enhance office productivity and comfort of the users. They offer a variety of products in a multitude of styles, colours and themes to meet the requirements of their clientele.

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