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Shoghi Communications Ltd is a leading technology oriented company in the domain of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. During its journey of twenty years, Shoghi has innovated and developed a large portfolio of products which are capable of monitoring various types of communication media especially in satellite, mobile and radio communication domains. Its customers include defence, intelligence and homeland security organisations in more than seventy countries covering Africa, Latin America, Middle East and ASEAN regions.

Shoghi has adopted the core philosophy of fully passive, off-the-air intelligence gathering as its underlying theme in its products which provide its customers the surety of being totally invisible for conducting successful covert operations.

Shoghi has large number of products to cater the entire domain of satellite communication interception in the C, Ku and Ka bands. Satellite Monitoring System is designed to provide processed clear intelligence in form of Voice, SMS, Fax and IP traffic by intercepting international trunk gateways between countries using proprietary DCMEs, GSM backhaul traffic from BTS to BSCs and IP traffic occurring between ISP to ISP across countries of interest.

VSAT networks using proprietary modems are heavily used in various military, diplomatic and government networks for intra-communication.  VSAT Monitoring System is capable of intercepting and processing the latest DVB-S and DVB-S2 protocols which are being used by popular VSAT modems of Hughes, Gilat, iDirect, Viasat, Comtech, Advantech Wireless, Newtech EMC/STM and Eastar Romantic.  The system provides processed traffic in the form of Voice, VoIP Sessions, Emails with attachment and other IP traffic. 

A highly versatile Satellite Carrier Analysis and Reconnaissance System detects the RF parameters and provide information on the type of VSAT modem, DCME, GSM Abis or IP running on each RF carrier. It is an invaluable tool for identifying links of interest as well as to detect the presence of Carrier-in-Carrier on specific satellite frequencies.

Shoghi provides capabilities for monitoring of popular satellite phones like Thuraya, Iridium, IsatPhone Pro and Inmarsat terminals. Interception system for IsatPhone and Thuraya satellite phones are available in portable, transportable and strategic configurations to provide processed intelligence in form of Voice, SMS and Text along with session related information. Both portable and transportable systems work in L-band while the strategic system works in L-band and C-band.  All systems provide geo-location information for tracking of targets on map. The highly portable Iridium Monitoring System can monitor Iridium traffic more than a thousand km in radius. Unified Portable System for monitoring all three Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro Phones is also available for the use by special forces or on naval ships during their tactical operations.

Shoghi has highly effective Passive and Semi-Active GSM systems for off-the-air monitoring of GSM mobile phones. Equipped with an A5.1 Decryptor for live decryption of the encrypted GSM traffic, the system provides capabilities to identify new targets or monitor the specific targets. 3G and 4G/LTE mobile phones can also be monitored by downgrading 3G and 4G/LTE Modules to 2G networks. Both the system provides the capability to show the approximate location of the target on integrated map. Handheld GSM Direction Finders can be used in conjunction with Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System for physically locating the target mobile phone accurately in multi-storied buildings.

Shoghi Wi-Fi Monitoring System is able to monitor the IP traffic from both secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Using an MITM concept the system is able to obtain the credentials of Facebook, Twitter and Skype of users.

Our HF/VHF/UHF Monitoring and DF System uses an SDR concept for monitoring of both wideband and narrowband radio transmissions which provides high DF accuracy and location determination on an integrated map. The system can also be integrated with radio protocol decoders for HF and VHF/UHF radio networks like TETRA and DMR.

We at Shoghi have a well-trained installation team and strong backend support capability with both online and onsite support on 24 x7 basis during the entire equipment lifecycle. Training of operators can be customized based on level of personnel available with customer. Shoghi believes in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by enhancing the intelligence gathering capacity and improvement in level of national security of the nation.

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Shoghi Communications focusing on usage of Strategic Communications solutions, to the defense and government entities worldwide. Our pristine capabilities in the fields of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems, Electronic Warfare, Cyberwarfare, COMSEC, Satellite Imaging, Avionics and Trainings, Supports Countries Defense, Space, and Homeland Security agencies.

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