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Sip2Dial Launches the much awaited Auto-Dialer software with new Features

Sip2Dial, a leading call center software provider, today announced the release of the much awaited feature-packed Dialer software. This auto-dialer software is the modified version of the previous one. It enables start-up contact centers to manage the call flow and boost the productivity of the business.

 “We are very pleased to provide start-up call centers the tool to save their money and time. Our Predictive and Progressive dialers have become more powerful and feature packed” said the President & CEO of Sip2Dial. “Thanks to the dedicated employees, the investors and hundreds of startup call centers’’

features Added to Support start-ups

Machine Detection Answering

Do Not Call

Pre-qualification of calls

With these newly added features, there is no doubt start-up contact centers will get the opportunity to free themselves from the burdens of extra cost and extra maintenances.

 “We have fixed some bugs as well as added some special features for small and start-up contact centers, but the constant improvement of our software development program will be continued” stated the Chief Technology Officer for Sip2dial.

As a small call centers start their business, they need a strong financial system and cutting-edge technology to sustain in this competitive era. Sip2Dial helps small businesses and enterprises grow by reducing the friction in managing the call center.

About Sip2Dial

Sip2dial is one of the leading cloud contact center software providers across the globe. Sip2Dial help contact centers of every size create powerful customer connections. Sip2Dial’s call center software creates more successful customer interactions by increasing the productivity of your contact center. Without the capital expense and maintenance costs of premise-based systems, sip2dial’s interactive voice framework has helped thousands of startup and established industries around the world.

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