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South Africa’s Leading Plastic Product Manufacturer

Are you looking for a company that can produce plastic products for you? Well, whether you are in need of plastic products for the agricultural, construction, textile, household, plumbing, medical, promotional, or telecommunications industry, Spicoly Plastics will have just the product for you. The company also makes use of the plastic injection moulding method, which means they can produce custom designs too! No matter how complex the design, their machinery can produce the product to spec. Not only this, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that their injection moulding machines produce far less waste in the production process.

Spicoly Plastics was established in the year 2000, and since then, they have supplied clients with only the highest quality plastic products. In addition to this, their 25 ton to 350-ton plastic injection moulding machines have allowed them to remain up to date with changing demands and trends. If you are looking for a plastic product supplier or manufacturer that can provide you with consistent, high-quality products, then look no further. Thanks to their plastic injection moulding machinery, they are able to produce the most consistent, high-quality, and durable products. Should you require a custom design, the investment may be hefty, but the value, as well as the ROI you will receive will be worth it.

As previously mentioned, the company supplies plastic products to various industries. Whether you are in the construction industry and require plastic brick moulds, in the textile industry and require spools, in the household supply industry and require plastic crockery, or in the promotional industry and require items to print promotional graphics on, Spicoly Plastics will have just the product for you. Should they not, they can also produce what you need with their reliable plastic injection moulding machines.

If you would like to see the several different products they have on offer, if you would like more information about the company, or if you would simply like to obtain a quote for the products, visit their official website at

About Spicoly Plastics

Spicoly Plastics is a plastic manufacturing company that was established in 2000. With several years of experience in injection moulding, you can rest assured that their team is able to produce plastic products to the highest quality standard. Regardless of the product you require, or industry you operate in, they will have the perfect solution for you.


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