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The High-Tech Factory Taking Several Industries by Storm

Mac Brothers is a Cape Town-based high-tech factory that has been supplying equipment to several different industries since 2002. Other than being an established empowerment company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Mac Brothers boasts a level 4 B-BBEE rating. Some of the industries the company supplies equipment to include the catering industry, mortuary and laboratory industry, and medical industry.

Catering Equipment
At the beginning of Mac Brothers’ business venture, the company started out as a producer of stainless steel catering equipment. Over the years, the company grew and became the leading supplier and producer of equipment for various well-known brands, such as Burger King, the Spur Group, Dunkin’ Donuts and several other dominant players in the food industry.

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, Mac Brothers supplies a range of equipment to all types of clients within the hospitality industry. These establishments include, but are not limited to, hotels, restaurants, golf and wine estates, canteens, prisons, etc. The equipment ranges from bakery equipment to dishwashers – they supply it all.

Mortuary and Laboratory Equipment
Mac Brothers has partnered with a leading mortuary and laboratory equipment producer in the UK to manufacture said internationally renowned equipment. Not only will this complement the company’s already existing body storage racking systems, but, as the UK producer has over 35 years of experience in the industry, Mac Brothers can also rest assured that the equipment will be excellent quality.

Some of the equipment offered by the company include body trays, scissor trolley jacks, ventilated autopsy tables, ventilated dissection tables, water operated autopsy tables and more. Whatever equipment you may require for your mortuary or laboratory, Mac Brothers can produce and supply it.

Medical Sanitary Ware
The medical sanitary ware supplied by Mac Brothers was created after consulting with several end-users, architects and engineers. This way, the company can be sure that the products being produced will not only solve any problems or issues the end-users had with the previous product they were using, but also that the design of the product will lead to improved hygiene and safety.

If you are interested in the products Mac Brothers can offer you and your company, or if you would like more information regarding said products, feel free to visit their official website at


32-34 Benbow Avenue, Epping 1,

7460, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27215054100

About the Company
Mac Brothers is a high-tech factory that supplies various types of equipment to different industries, some of which include the medical and catering industries. The company was established in Cape Town in 2002 and has, since then, opened new branches in several locations, such as Johannesburg, Durban and Harare.

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