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Are you a business that requires several cables, and are becoming tired of how they are all lying around your premises? Are you in need of some steel power skirting to clean them up, or a proper support system for your solar renewable energy system? Whatever your cabling needs are, Advanced Strut has got you covered!

What started out as a small, Cape Town-based cable reticulation and support system solutions provider, quickly grew to something much bigger. Advanced Strut realised that they needed to up their game in order to be successful. That is why in 2014, they expanded their reach by growing their businesses to also be involved in the manufacturing of certain products. They also decided to integrate sheet metal fabrication machinery so that they could manufacture a growing boutique of products to sell to their existing customer base, as well as other industries outside of their current market.

With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, Advanced Strut’s in-house manufacturing took off right away! They have now established a beautiful manufacturing warehouse and ever since then they have been reaping its benefits. The idea for their manufacturing unit was to be able to service a wide range of industries such as plumbing, lighting, signage, fire detection, and even data industries, to name a few, with top of the range products at extremely competitive prices that they no longer have to wait for!

Advanced Strut have a huge selection of products that they offer to the public such as cable ladders and trays, wire mesh trays, PVC and steel power skirting, service poles, clamps, brackets, as well as fasteners and even solar renewable energy support systems for those that need them.

If you would like to learn more about the company, browse through the many different products that they offer, or if you would like to contact someone and ask them a few questions about the products, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Advanced Strut

Advanced Strut is a level 2 BBBEE owner-managed company with well over 20 years of experience and industry-specific knowledge. They are here to provide top of the range cable solutions, support, and systems to a wide range of industries at very competitive prices. Their turn around time, quality control, and costing have all been massively improved ever since they got their in-house manufacturing team.

Western Province Park, 3 Cable Close, Eppindust
Cape Town, 7460, South Africa
Tel: 021 534 9969

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