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The Leading Financial Consultancy Company in Switzerland

Is your current financial landscape unclear? Are you looking for a financial management consultancy that can help you clear your concerns and develop a way forward? Well, let us introduce you to Swiss Prime International, a privately owned insurance brokerage and financial consultancy. Whether you are in need of short- or long-term insurance, pension and tax consulting, or advisory services, Swiss Prime International offers a variety of financial products and services, as well as advice to Swiss locals and expatriates in Switzerland, or those working globally.

The goals of the company are two-fold. For starters, they strive to build long-lasting relationships with their clients, which have been built on trust and an unmatched level of commitment to securing their prosperity and providing them with peace of mind. Secondly, they wish to ensure their customers are always happy and satisfied with the service received, no matter where they may be in the world.

When it comes to what sets Swiss Prime International apart from other financial consultancy companies, they are able to offer the most competitive insurance solutions since they are completely independent. In fact, if you were to ask for a great deal on an insurance package, the company will provide you with three of the best quotes available.

In terms of the services that Swiss Prime International offers, you can get advice on everything from insurance, pension and tax to various advisory services, such as offering the clients a complete current risk overview to give them an exact overview on their coverage provided by their already existing insurances, especially life insurances, mortgages, investments, and property purchasing advice. In addition to this, the company also understands the time-consuming hassle of having to deal with local authorities and other product providers, which is why, as another core feature of their services, they will take care of dealing with any third parties on behalf of their clients.

As you can see, there are several different services Swiss Prime International can offer, whether related to insurance, retirement policies, tax advice, or various other advisory services. If you would like to learn more about the company, the various packages and policies they can offer you, or if you would simply like to get in touch with them for advice on your financial future, simply visit

About Swiss Prime International

Swiss Prime International is a privately-owned insurance brokerage and financial consultancy, offering Swiss locals and expatriates in Switzerland, or those working globally, a wide array of financial products and services. The company also offers sound advice to ensure all clients have a clear and developed financial future.

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