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Are you a restaurant who is looking for a reliable pre-cut fruit and vegetable supplier to help cut down prep time? Maybe you are an individual who is looking for a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to eat at home or, maybe, you really like Rugani juice and need a reliable supplier of it. If you are someone who falls into one of these categories, then we have some great news. There is a company called Freshly Pick’d who are located in South Africa and supply retail chain stores and the public with an extensive selection of fruits, vegetables and juices.

The late Mr Kinsley started out by owning a couple of award-winning fruitier retail outlets. His son, who studied horticulture for three years, went on to manage a large vegetable farm for over seven years. In this period, the vegetable industry grew exponentially, and the country started to export its vegetables, which meant that there was only one logical option as the next step. In 2014, the two joined forces in the form of Kinsleys Wholesale. When they started out, all they had was their double garage and a bakkie between the two of them for deliveries. Eventually, they outgrew the double garage they started in and made the move to operate from a controlled environment pack house in Pietermaritzburg.

They interact very closely with the farmers who supply them and try to work only with farmers who follow organic principles. Freshly Pick’d regularly conduct farm visits to their suppliers and send off random samples for chemical residue testing. The company also highlights that they only use produce that is grown in season and not forced through unnatural conditions through large amounts of chemicals. Due to their location, they receive fresh deliveries every day!

If you would like to learn more about the company, browse through the wide range of products that they supply, or if you would like to get in contact with someone to ask a few further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Freshly Pick’d

Freshly Pick’d is a family run business that has over 32 years of combined experience in the industry. They started out working from a double garage and have now turned into one of the leaders and specialists in their respected industry. Organically grown is what they strive for!

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