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The Preferred Supplier in the Steel and Allied Industry

With a national network of 18 other branches, Steel & Pipes for Africa, Cape Town, has grown into one of the largest and most preferred suppliers in the steel and allied industry. The company has been supplying said industry with various steel profiles, structural tubing, high-quality fencing, and hardware tools for several years.

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SPFA’s business concept is one of a one-stop shop, where all their clients and customers can find the products or tools they need to complete their jobs successfully, and in the most efficient manner.

The company’s extensive product offering, and product flexibility, has allowed them to supply a highly diverse range of markets and industries, such as the construction, tunnel farming, security, signage, materials handling, fencing, shadeports, agriculture, sheetmetal, truck and trailer, drilling, and furniture industries, with all the products, materials, or tools they need to go about their daily functions. The company’s customer base is just as diverse. In fact, SPFA supplies products to everyone from the one-man DIY operator, to the qualified and emerging contractor.

Whether structural steel, tubing, hardware, or fencing, different industries and different individuals will have different needs. These product categories will be discussed in more detail below.

  • Structural steel
  • In terms of SPFA’s steel profiles, the company supplies a variety of bars, channels, beams, columns, and irons in either commercial or S355JR grades. The item will determine the grade.
  • Structural tubing
  • The company’s steel tubing falls into two different categories, namely structural and mechanical. Their options include the following: square tubing, round tubing, rectangular tubing, galvanised round tubing, and cold rolled tubes.
  • Hardware
  • As mentioned previously, SPFA has a one-stop shop concept, which means they supply a wide variety of industrial and security hardware, including cutting discs, MiG wire, welding accessories, wall spikes, drill bits, etc.
  • Security fencing
  • Finally, SPFA also supplies two types of security fencing, namely Palisade fencing and Beta fencing. In fact, the company is recognised as the leading supplier in the Western Cape fencing industry.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products, if you would like more information about what SPFA has to offer, or if you would like more information about the company themselves, visit their official website on

About SPFA

Steel and Pipes for Africa, Cape Town, forms part of a national network of 18 branches. While the group was established in 1993, this branch in particular was established in 2001. Since opening, the company has seen exponential growth and is now known as the largest and most preferred supplier in the steel and allied industry.


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