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The Girls Code Initiative, TomrukiHub and Eran Yoran are joining forces to help young African entertainers transform their crazy ideas from an elevator pitch into success stories.

COVID-20 - Entrepreneurs & Business people think ahead is a full hour meetup on how to build and grow a successful startup and business based in Africa. This time we will focus on early-stage Nigerian / African innovation, and startup entrepreneurship. We will share step by step, best practice, and right moves that will help young African Entrepreneurs grow their business and transform their crazy ideas from an elevator pitch into success stories.

COVID20 Entrepreneurs & Business people think ahead is a new and exciting Israeli-Nigerian initiative. In this event former CMO & Head of Business Development of Gilat Telecom and Head of Marketing & Business Innovation of Elementor, Mr Eran Yoranhas joined forces with The Girl's Code Initiative, and TomrukiHub to bring young African entrepreneur and business people the knowledge on how to transform their crazy ideas from an elevator pitch into success stories.

This event is one of its kind.

For the first time, we are taking proven Israeli startups work routines and localizing them for Nigerians, and Africans startups. "There is a great opportunity for African innovation," says Eran Yoran, "However, there is only one way to make it happen, the African way." "This event is a team effort," Eran adds. Together with Mr Olayide Olumeco - Co-Founder of "The Girls Code Initiative" (Non-governmental organization that is passionate about the technological education of African girls), and Mr Job David - CEO of TomrukiHub (Africa's biggest social innovation hub running two main pan African projects: StartupSchool and SMSGAfrica). We have come out with a full hour meetup on how to build and grow a successful startup - based in Africa.

Event Topics:

  1. Ideas vs Execution - The best idea is the one you can deliver
  2. A knockout in 29 seconds - Sharpen your story and value proposition.
  3. Turning gold into diamonds, Build and grow your value.
  4. Never run - How to raise funding to your startup.
  5. Percentage Vs Numbers - Make the numbers tell the story you like.
  6. No are the construction blocks of Yes - You need a lot of them to pavement your way up.
  7. Think Ahead The only thing you can change is the future.
  8. Small steps, Giant leaps - Work plan Vs Roadmap
  9. “There is no spoon” - Break the rules. Not the law.
  10. Whatever makes you happy - Define your success
  11. The Nigerian Sting - Know your ground.
  12. How is being an African, works for your Startup advantage? 5 cards to play and win.

Subscribers only event:

August 10th ,2020 at 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM IDT

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Eran Yoran is a respected marketing leader and a business innovator who assists startups and growth companies in excelling and fulfilling their potential.

Eran’s unique and diverse career carve him as a key player and decision-maker of multi-discipline companies, from Early-stage startups to B2B and B2G global corporations. From traditional marketing and advertising to the most advanced data-driven, growth and performance B2C and B2B2C digital companies.

Key roles in Eran’s career include Marketing Leader & Head of Business Innovation for Elementor. Co-founder at Colibri-Sense. Founder at BuzzCode. VP Marketing & Business Development for Gilat Satcom. Head copywriter for the Israeli Prime Minister, VP Creative, Strategy & Planning at the Israeli branches of the world-leading advertising agencies.

Eran is a multiple awards winner of Israeli and European creative & advertising contests. And a graduate of the Facebook Startup Growth Program. Eran sees himself as a digital nomad.

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