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Uninterrupted Quality Meat Products since 1979

Whether you are in the hospitality or retail industry, a government department, a wholesaler, a ship chandler, or an abattoir, there is one meat processing company that can provide you with everything you would need and more when it comes to high quality meat produce. “Who is this company?”, you ask. Well, none other than Blaauwberg Group, of course! Not only is the company an industry leader when it comes to high quality, “farm to fork” produce, but they also ensure the highest quality control and management.

It is thanks to their old and proven recipes, short lead times, affordability, as well as their dedication to their customers, that they now boast over 200 clients across a wide range of industries. In addition to this, Blaauwberg Group holds a unique competitive edge within their industry – they control all internal operations and logistics. They own and manage their own farms, feedlots, abattoirs, cold storage, and fleet of trucks. Thereby, allowing them to keep the cost as low as possible, all while ensuring high quality produce.

Blaauwberg Group offers a wide variety of services thanks to their unique competitive edge. These services include Blaauwberg Meat Wholesale, which is the central nervous system of the entire company, specialising in wholesale sales to trade. In addition to this, there is also Blaauwberg Meat Specialities, which is a long-established connoisseur of a wide array of continental meats.

Other services include their fully recognised Karoo Lamb, Namibian meat, Groenland abattoir, and feedlot. These services ensure customers get exactly what they pay for, with a highly streamlined, no fuss operation. Lastly, the company also provides commercial cold storage, catering to a wide range of industries in the Western Cape. Their storage locations provide ease of access to the Cape Town Harbour, City Centre, and N7 National Highway.

If you are interested in any of the above services, if you would like to learn more about these services, if you would like more information on Blaauwberg Group, or if you would like to see what meat specialities they can offer you, visit their official website at

About Blaauwberg Group:

Blaauwberg Group was established in 1979 and has since become an industry leader in the supply of high quality, “farm to fork” produce. The company controls all their internal operations and logistics, allowing them to offer a highly streamlined, no fuss operation, whereby products are highly affordable, and lead times drastically reduced.


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