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USD 10 MN Loan For Victoria Commercial Bank from WBC with OPIC by NIMAI, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nimai is a Multi Award Winning Investment Banking Firm headquartered out of Dubai with one of the specialized division which focuses on advising, consulting and arranging funding for Bank’s and NBFI’s across the globe. We played the role of Victoria Commercial Bank’s financial advisors and finalized a placement of USD 10mnLoan for Victoria Commercial Bank Ltd, Kenya(“VCB”) on 04th June 2018 from WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. (“WBC”), a U.S.-based lending institution, with a guarantee from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (“OPIC”), a U.S. government agency.

Our strong relationship with the lending Financial Institutions has resulted in Arrangement of the Term Loan for our Client, Victoria Commercial Bank, Kenya to achieve their cherished goal of SME portfolio growth and create a social impact in Kenyan economy.

This is in continuation to Nimai’s vision to assist and arrange funding for Banks, NBFI’s and Corporates in Africa and other developing countries. Nimai’s strong on ground presence in Africa and the developing countries has gained confidence of the borrowers. Further, knowledge and expertise of Research and Analysts Team assist the Lenders to assess the potential opportunities.

Victoria Commercial Bank (VCB) is a well-known financial institution serving to its premier corporate clientele. Their financial model is based on well-defined credit appraisal process and long-term relationship vision. As a result of their stringent strategy of client selection, their non-performing loans have been very well managed, and one of the lowest within the Banking sector in Kenya.

WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. (WBC) headquartered in Hartford, CT, USA, is a regulated commercial finance company that offers flexible term loans helping small and medium-sized businesses compete in the global marketplace. Founded in 2003, WBC is a direct lender staffed by multilingual professionals with many years of experience in cross-border trade and project finance. The WBC team has a proven track record of successfully-closed loans in emerging markets around the world, with a focus on lending in Latin America and the Caribbean, Eurasia, and Africa

OPIC the U.S. Government's development finance institution that helps American businesses invest in emerging markets. Established in 1971, OPIC provides businesses with the tools to manage the risks associated with foreign direct investment, fosters economic development in emerging market countries, and advances U.S. foreign policy and national security priorities.

Capt Sunil Saraf , Co-founder and Managing Partner (Nimai)

“Nimai’s core vision is to help financial institutions in developing countries. Kenya is one of the countries where we have a strong focus and are assisting financial institutions to raise debt & capital. VCB is one of our esteemed and valued clients. They have strong credentials, a unique & commendable client selection and a professional team which lead to them having large profits and one of the lowest NPLs in the sector. We were engaged by VCB as their financial advisors to help them raise medium to long term funding. We are delighted that VCB’s vision to grow the SME portfolio and create a social impact in Kenyan economy will now be achieved with the support from WBC and OPIC.”

Dr. Yogesh K. Pattni, Chief Executive Officer (VCB)

“I am extremely delighted about the partnership between ourselves and WBC, culminating in a credit extension of $10 million under guarantee from OPIC. This credit line, made possible with support and guidance from Nimai, reflects the good standing of VCB and its strong asset base. The facility also demonstrates the confidence of international lenders in the Kenyan Banking sector. It is very humbling to note that VCB is the first institution in the Kenyan banking sector that WBC has partnered with.”

Robert D. Monyak , Executive Vice president(WBC)

“Our loan facility for VCB Bank offers a unique and exciting opportunity to extend WBC’s financial support of SMEs worldwide to a new market. In VCB, we saw a solid management team, strong and growing operations, and extensive experience working with SMEs. As such, the bank is an ideal partner for WBC, through which we can expand our firm’s support of underbanked segments of the private sector in growth-oriented emerging economies.”

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