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Use Voice-Overs to Connect with Your Target Audience

These days, trying to market a product or service to target audiences can be a nightmare. Not only is the marketplace filled with marketing noise, but consumers are also connecting far less with companies’ marketing messages. Times have changed. While business is a universal language that every person can understand, English is not. As such, companies are now having to look at different ways to produce tailored and personalised messages for their target demographic.

One such way is by producing the advertisement in their native tongue. Sure, it would be easier to have one universal message that you could broadcast everywhere in the hopes of attaining customers, but your target audience might not connect with the marketing message. It is for this reason that voice-over agencies and translation services have seen such exponential growth in recent years. More and more companies are realising the importance in connecting with their target audience.

The Voice Village, a voice-over artist agency based in Cape Town, believes that a personal touch is required in order to solidify a connection between the brand and the customer. The company specialises in both local and foreign languages and, as a matter of fact, is made up of a qualified team of voice artists and translators that are native speakers in all South African and Vernacular languages. These languages include isiZulu, isiXhosa, isiNdebele, siSwati, Sesotho, Sepedi, Xitsonga, Tshivenda, and Afrikaans.

The two main services offered by The Voice Village are voice-overs and translations, and they even have a recording studio that can be used to produce these voice-overs. In fact, companies that utilise their services have the choice of opting for a package whereby a supervisor is present during the recording. The supervisor will ensure that the final recording is in line with the client’s vision.

If you would like more information on The Voice Village and how their services can benefit you, if you would like to utilise their services, or if you would like to receive a quote for your next project, visit the company’s official website on

About The Voice Village:

The Voice Village, established in 2002, is a Cape Town-based recording agency that specialises in bringing clients the best possible voice-over artists and translators to suit their requirements. After years of dedication, hard work, and growing their team of impeccable and thorough voice-over artists, the company has grown into one of the leading agencies in the city.


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