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Work On Your Pdfs Safely With These Tools That Are 100% Free

PDF or ‘Portable document format’ is the most common and widely used format of file sharing across the globe for its convenience of shareability between various devices and operating systems. Before the PDF era, creating and converting files along with exporting them was not so easy as it is now.

For individuals as well as for businesses, the importance of PDF files is enormous, whether invoicing clients or sending memos, the file format will maintain a foxed format for intended viewing. Being used regularly by masses requires compressing, dividing, merging, or protecting via password under different conditions. 1PDF offers a collection of tools that is 100% free and safe that allows you to work on your PDFs and use them the way you want to.

Services that are offered by 1PDF include:

Compress PDF- 1PDF allows you to compress your PDF files in three different variations including Low compression (high quality and low compression), Medium compression (standard quality with medium compression), and High compression (low quality with high compressed files). Using this to will allow you to send compressed files as per your preference while providing a faster transmission.

Merge PDF- With the help of this tool, you can merge two or several different PDF files into one single PDF. This tool allows you to merge PDF files in a specific order in just 3 steps. Select the file you would like to merge, choose the order by dragging-and-dropping and the final PDF is ready to be downloaded.

Divide PDF- This free tool lets you divide a PDF file or extract pages from a document in just a few simple steps. It is completely free, safe, and compatible with all devices including Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Rotate PDF- 1PDF offers a free dragging-and-dropping tool that lets you rotate a document clockwise and counterclockwise along with flipping it 180 degrees. Simply upload the file and rotate according to your needs and the updated file is ready to be downloaded on your device.

Delete PDF- This tool will enable you to delete one or several pages from the selected PDF file by unticking one or multiple pages. You can use this feature for unlimited times and it is completely free and compatible with all devices.

Protect PDF- Protecting your PDF file is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality of the information. This tool ensures the total security of your PDF files by providing an encrypted password (AES-128) that can only be accessed by you.

Number PDF- You can number the pages of your PDF by using this tool by choosing a specific spot for your page numbers and can even choose where to start the numbering.

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About 1PDF

1PDF is a web platform that offers a great collection of online tools that are completely free, safe, and easy-to-use. This platform offers a range of services including merge, divide, protect, number, or rotate PDF files in just a few clicks.

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