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Ascending Training Solutions is a Cape Town based company that specialises in providing various skills training to organisations, companies, and industries. They recognise the need to have efficient and knowledgeable staff and provide you with such information and training to improve not only the skills of your employees individually, but also of your company as a collective.

To guarantee you get the best training materials to suit your various needs, Ascending Training Solutions have developed a procedure that they follow to ensure they receive all the information required to draft your training materials.

Their procedure includes an initial consultation where they learn about the type of business you are running, the industry you are in, the size of your company, your company’s expectations, how many employees you have and what type of training you require. All of the above is taken into consideration when drafting your training materials. After this consultation, a team makes an appointment at your company to see what daily tasks are required from your business and how your employees operate within those tasks.

The team goes back to their headquarters and brainstorms what they have noticed needs improving after compiling a host of information. Ascending Training Solutions will contact you to make an appointment again at your office to discuss with you what the team have noticed, what they’ve compiled, as well as any valuable input that you feel your employees are lacking in or could improve in so that the information may be added to your training materials.

The team then starts drafting your training materials. Once it’s completed and proofed, Ascending Training Solutions sends a copy of the material to you for your approval and enquiry. Once you are satisfied with the training material provided, more copies will be drafted and sent through for you and your employees, so that your manager can begin training.

Their most common training materials includes start-up and shut-down procedures, production and quality control tasks, etc. Ascending Training Solutions will also draft up unique training materials if necessary.

To learn more about Ascending Training Solutions and the various training materials they provide, you can visit their official website on:


162 Blaauwberg Road, Table View

Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Tel: 021 557 3896

About Ascending Training Solutions:

Ascending Training Solutions knows the importance of not taking your employees away from their work. Therefore, they provide various training materials that can be taught by your manger, saving you time. They are also a level four contributor to B-BBEE. Their vision is to empower employees through education.

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