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A Renowned Earthmoving Company

CTC Plant was established many years ago, as the need for reliable and trustworthy earthmoving equipment suppliers and earthmoving machinery repairs were steadily on the rise in South Africa. As such, CTC Plant was afforded the opportunity to grow, and become one of South Africa’s most recognised earthmoving machinery suppliers and repair men across South Africa.

CTC Plant has consistently improved their operations throughout the years and now offer all of their departments in the same vicinity, which not only allows for an error free process, but also one that is more efficient and prompter.

They also offer a wide array of products, which includes not only machinery, but also spare parts. Their extensive category of equipment ranges from crushers, dozers, and excavators to graders, and rollers, just to name a few. They have pretty much every part imaginable, including ADT’s, loggers, rollers, and telehandlers just to name a few. CTC Plant is your go-to for every and all kinds of earthmoving equipment in South Africa.

Additionally, CTC Plant understands how imperative it is to have not only a service repair centre for all earthmoving equipment and machinery, but also to have a call out service for quick service fixes, which allows you to carry on with your daily tasks. Furthermore, you can also fill out a form on CTC Plant’s website to book your earthmoving machinery in for a service or repair!

CTC Plant also offers an additional service of specialised transportation of their earthmoving equipment, which includes both drop off and delivery, taking the hassle out of your hands and allowing a smoother, and easier process for you to work in. CTC Plant delivers and drops off all of their earthmoving equipment, as well as parts to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Kimberly, and Namibia.

If you would like to learn more about CTC Plant, enquire about their products, view their services, enquire about their specialised transport services, view their proficient team, or view their partner company, then click the link to visit their official website:  

About CTC Plant:

CTC Plant has been established in Cape Town for over 20 years! Thus, they have established themselves as Cape Town’s number one earthmoving equipment supplier and service repair centre. In fact, the company strives to ensure that they can offer their clients the highest-quality earthmoving machinery and prompt repair services for several years to come.


Cnr. Michigan & Manchester Streets

Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town

7460, South Africa

Tel: 021 386 4190

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