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Cape Town, South Africa – Hi-Fly Marketing has launched Africa’s first dedicated aviation industry personnel agency, Hi-Fly Talent & Resourcing, to match airlines, aircraft maintenance providers and other aviation businesses across the continent and beyond with qualified and competent African executives and specialist talent.  

The new agency takes advantage of Hi-Fly Marketing’s extensive African aviation industry knowledge and contact network to provide consultative, research-based and solution-oriented sourcing services.  This fills the void left by other more general or geographically limited temporary and permanent placement agencies.  

“As the industry starts to rebuild, there is an opportunity to establish effective teams using regional expertise.  We know how crucial and challenging it can be to find the right candidates in Africa, but we are opening the door to those new recruitment possibilities by matching aviation businesses with the best professionals right across the continent,” added Ms Guillot.

Hi-Fly Talent & Resourcing uses a unique and personalised assessment process to maintain a focus on identifying the best quality – not quantity - candidates for temporary and permanent placements.

The agency is specifically aimed at qualified professionals, who are specialists in their various fields, such as aeronautical engineers, safety managers, technical sales and marketeers, airport and operations managers, network schedulers, fleet managers, etc.

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Alexandra Guillot

Tel: +27 (0)21 813 6980 | Cell: +27 (0)82 5749694

About Hi-Fly Marketing:

The company was established in 2008 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa from where it provides consultancy services throughout Africa’s aviation industry.  It represents various global service providers in the region and has supported more than 50 airlines and other commercial aircraft and helicopters operators at each step of their development, mainly through dedicated IT and engineering solutions.  Hi-Fly Marketing’s success is built on its unique set of strong client and industry partnerships.

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