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Timing Tools SA was established several years ago, under a different name. However, the owners, Tiaan and Antionette Lotter, have remined the same, and still offer their industry expertise and prompt delivery of products. Timing Tools SA was established to allow the citizens of South Africa to have a safe and reliable e-commerce platform where they can purchase quality timing, diagnostic, or car key programming tools.

Having realised how many dubious automotive retailers there are in South Africa, Tiaan and Antionette wanted to offer an automotive retailer e-commerce platform where several types of products can be purchase for professional or individuals.

The owners of Timing Tools SA offer their customers an extensive range of automotive tools. However, if you cannot find the product you are looking for on their e-commerce platform, they will source one from their network of professional diagnostics tools manufacturers.

Additionally, Timing Tools SA offer not only high quality, but also affordable diagnostics tools for anyone to purchase, which require no experience. Timing Tools SA also has a smart ‘’track your product’’ feature, which will only work for customers who have purchased a product from them. Simply enter your email address used when purchasing the product, and your unique order ID and the system will tell you what the status and progress of your delivery is.

Timing Tools SA also have a special, universal, and other tools section on their website where they supply various products. Timing Tools SA are the middlemen retailers who take away the need to go to mechanics to source the problem of your truck or car!

If you would like to enquire more about Timing Tools SA, browse through their extensive e-commerce platform, read what previous clients have said about their experience with Timing Tools SA, or learn more about the company, then you can visit them on their official website at .

About Timing Tools SA:

Timing Tools SA is located in Kraaifontein, where their branch is situated, and has been running for a few years. The company specialises in the retail of car diagnostic tools through their e-commerce platform. Timing, diagnostic, camlocking, car key programming, and mileage tools, just to name a few, can all be purchased from Timing Tools SA through their online shop. Timing Tools SA also has several products for several different car brands, such as Volkswagen Audi, Ford, and Land Rover, just to name a few.


76 Ascot Street, Windsor Park, Kraaifontein

Cape Town, 7570, Western Cape, South Africa

Tel: 082 326 2422

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