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Whether it is for organising the space in your warehouse, displaying your products to your customers, or organising medical equipment in a hospital or clinic, racking and shelving has proved to be of vital importance to several different industries. One company that took notice of this importance is Euroshelf. After years of experimenting, the company developed an internationally acclaimed shelving system with ingenious simplicity, aesthetic appeal, and industrial strength. Thereby, making it the perfect merchandising solution for countless applications.

Some of the several applications of the Euroshelf shelving system includes displays for retail and merchandising purposes, point-of-purchase stands, cold and freezer room storage, catering, as well as general storage. In addition to these, the shelving system is even used in various pharmaceutical, hospital, and healthcare institutions around the world. As you can see, Euroshelf’s shelving system can be used in a variety of industries. In fact, it is the standard for many businesses.

Both local and global Blue Chip companies and institutions have made Euroshelf their number one choice when looking for metal shelving manufacturers and suppliers. This is due to the fact that the company specialises in design, manufacture, and installation, ensuring the shelving system is not only designed and manufactured to the necessary standard, but also installed correctly.

To a certain degree, the shelving system is also customisable. Euroshelf’s systems can be supplied in wire shelving, as well as in sheet metal shelf versions. The company’s mild steel shelving is available in electro-galvanised, bright chrome, or in various powder coated coloured finishes. As such, companies can somewhat customise their shelving systems to match the rest of their establishment. Not to mention, the shape and size can also be customised for establishments with difficult layouts or compact areas.

As you can see, Euroshelf is the number one option when it comes to looking for metal shelving manufacturers or suppliers. If you would like more information about the company’s products, if you would like to see the various shelves they have on offer, or if you would like more information about the specifications of their shelving system, visit Euroshelf’s official website at

About Euroshelf:

Euroshelf supplies an internationally acclaimed shelving system that is the top choice for several local and global Blue Chip companies. The company offers a wide array of products, some of which include food market shelving, queuing systems, bread merchandisers, flower stands, as well as several other shelving and racking systems.


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